The Best Kitchen Makeover Solution: Replacement Kitchen Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Looking for an interesting way to change the feel of an old, dark kitchen? Let in the light with replacement kitchen windows. A popular new trend is reducing the number of upper cabinets, opening up the floor plan and making the windows an important part of the décor to better connect the outdoors with the indoors of your home. Even if you want to keep your cabinets, changing your windows can give your kitchen a simple and well appreciated lift.

Even if you kitchen only includes one window, it may be foggy, or unsightly, or worse yet, if it’s an older, window, it may lack the advanced energy efficient features of a newer models. Today’s quality windows feature a special Low E coating, that blocks those hot summer rays from making your kitchen into one big oven. Low E coatings are engineered so that in the winter months, when the sun shines lower in the sky, you get the benefit of solar heat that can take a little burden off your heating bills, a change that along with the reduced cooling needs in summer, can add up to savings over time.

In addition, you can change to replacement kitchen windows that are easier to open, such as gliders that slide open sideways, or casements or awning windows, that crank open effortlessly and stay safely in place. If your old kitchen window is stuck, you’ll enjoy your newfound fresh breezes, too.

Choosing a better, made-to-order brand, such as Marvin Windows, you can design your replacement kitchen windows with exactly the options you want such as a choice of wood species to match (or contrast) with your cabinets and woodwork. Imagine choosing from cherry, oak, or even mahogany – pure luxury for the busiest, most occupied room of your home.

If you’re ready to explore how new windows can give your kitchen a lift, contact the specialists at AVI or drop by their showroom, where you can see lots of windows, installed in roomed-sized displays that show you the results beautifully.