The Best Window Combinations and Configurations for Your Home

By: Architectural Visions

It’s entirely possible to design a house with all the same styles of windows throughout the rooms for the sake of simplicity and convenience. But it’s often a lot more fun to switch up your window design with different combination windows that coordinate with each other instead!

From the window experts at AVI Windows & Doors, here are some ways to combine window styles for unique looks that will look amazing in your home.

Double Hung Windows and Picture Windows

 One of the most popular modern window configurations is double hung windows that flank large picture windows. This pairing works well because double hung windows add functionality and fresh air alongside scenic, inoperable picture windows that allow in lots of light. With double hung windows, you can slide up the bottom sash and slide down the upper sash for maximum ventilation while also providing a balance between traditional and modern styles in a room with a picture window.


Awning Picture Window Combination

An awning picture window combination is also a great choice in a room where you want beautiful views and good ventilation. Awning windows are typically placed above a picture window on a wall with either push-out or crank-out operation. Because of these windows’ unique design, they can be left open while it’s raining outside and allow you to smell the fresh scent of rain while you watch the storm brooding through your large picture window.


Double Hung and Casement Combination Windows

 When planning your window design strategy, also consider the style of architecture your home has and the types of windows that make the most sense with that style. For example, casement windows give a home a more modern look and feel because of their clean lines and effortless simplicity. Designers often pair casement combination windows with double hung windows on Craftsman style homes. One option is to put the double hung windows in the front of the house for curb appeal while placing the casement windows in the back for more natural light and ventilation.


Pairing of Two and Rule of Three

 Regardless of which styles of windows you choose, aim to strike a balance in your rooms. Pairings of two windows can offer balance when placed on opposite sides of a wall or on both sides of a large scenic window.

There is also a “rule of three” in the world of interior design that highlights the benefits of having various groupings of three in a room, such as three distinct colors in a room and strategically arranging three pieces of furniture. You can incorporate the “rule of three” with windows too by pairing a large window on one side of the room with two smaller windows on the other side to maintain a sense of visual symmetry.


Tips for Coordinating Different Window Styles

 If you’re interested in mixing and matching window styles but aren’t sure where to start, first identify the goals you have for each room’s windows. Depending on the room of the house, these goals might be having more natural light, more ventilation, showcasing the view, or maintaining privacy. Energy efficiency, ease of cleaning, and your home’s architectural style are also considerations to keep in mind.


When you have different styles of windows, it’s also a good idea to keep a consistent theme that all of the windows share to tie the styles together in a cohesive way. For example, you could choose a similar grid pattern on both double hung windows and special shape windows positioned in the same area to tie these very different styles together. Another idea is to use the same types of hardware, colors, and finishes on all your windows (regardless of their shape or size) for the sake of continuity.


Where to Buy Combination Windows

 We hope that you have found these window configuration ideas to be useful and are now inspired to switch up your window styles for an aesthetically pleasing look. Whether you are designing a brand-new house or looking to upgrade an existing one, AVI can help. We have a wide variety of window styles from all the best brands, plus professional installation services to ensure a perfect fit.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and experience the benefits of what a reimagined window layout can do for your home.