The Best Window Types to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

By: Architectural Visions

Here in the Southeast, we do a lot of different things to stay cool in the summertime. Beyond just going to the local pool, planting more trees in the yard, and fixing the air conditioning unit, the windows you choose for your house can help beat the heat.

Here is an overview of the best windows for hot climates and window-related tips for how to keep your home cool during summer.

Styles of Windows to Stay Cool

To get the most out of your air conditioning and feel comfortable all summer long, it’s a smart idea to choose window styles that maximize cooling opportunities. Casement windows are good choices because they can direct cool breezes into the home when opened. High-quality double hung and awning windows with tight seals also work well to keep the cool air in when closed.

Regardless of the style you choose, install curtains, blinds, or shutters on all windows that have a lot of sunlight coming in during the day to keep things cooler. This is especially true for bay and bow windows since their large surface areas allow more sunshine into the house.

Best Window Material for Hot Climates

Argon and krypton gases are used between window panes and dense enough to help maintain an even temperature despite hot weather outside. For hot climates, also choose windows with a low-E (low emissivity) coating that reduces heat transfer through the window. This will prevent air conditioning from escaping outside, deflect the sun’s rays from coming in, and reduce your energy bill. Multiple panes of glass in a window make it more energy efficient and improve indoor cooling too

The frame materials you choose for your windows also makes a difference when you’re trying to stay cool in the summer. Wood windows are a good choice for temperature control; however, you may need to paint or stain the wood portions every once in a while to keep them looking great. Meanwhile, fiberglass is very easy to maintain and requires very little upkeep while also preventing cooling loss.

Window Configurations for Summer Heat

During the summer, heat comes into the home the most through south- and west-facing windows. Take this into consideration when planning a window or door replacement project.  Venting windows like awnings or casements may work better in this situation to allow hot air to escape, rather than a fixed picture window.

Let the Cool Night Air Inside

Another tip for window cooling is to open up your windows at night to let the cool air inside. This will help hot air that has accumulated in the home during the day escape and replace it with fresh, cool air that will feel great to wake up to the next morning. Just make sure to shut the windows first thing in the morning before the temperature heats up again. This will trap the cool air inside and save you from needing to turn the AC on.

Consider Skylights to Stay Cool

Skylights add natural light and a unique feature to your home, but did you know they can help your house stay cool too?

Choose an operational skylight that can open up to let the hot air out after it has risen to the ceiling. Leave the skylight open in the evening to let the cool air in and consider putting a cover over it on very hot days to keep the sun’s rays from filtering inside.

Choose AVI for Your Summer Window Updates

Air leaks in windows are a common cause of houses getting too hot during summer days. This is why you want to choose high-quality windows that are expertly constructed to prevent leakage. It’s also why you want to have new windows installed by a professional at AVI to ensure there are no gaps that reduce your windows’ efficiency.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and to learn more about windows that will help keep your house cool and comfortable in the months ahead.