The Best Window Upgrades for Colder Weather

By: Architectural Visions

The Best Window Upgrades for Colder WeatherKeeping your home snug and warm on the chilliest nights is a great reason to look for window upgrades. So is reducing your energy bills, not to mention your home’s impact on the environment.

Fiberglass windows are the best window upgrades and are a boon to home comfort. Unlike aluminum or vinyl, fiberglass does not conduct cold into the room – it’s a difference you’ll notice while watching TV on a cold night. In addition, a quality brand of fiberglass such as Ultrex, made by Marvin Windows and Doors, is as strong as steel. This superior strength helps windows keep straight and square, so they close more tightly, keeping them from loosing their energy efficiency over time.

Insulating glass is made from two panes of glass, but not all brands are alike. Insulating glass with argon gas between the panes will keep the cold from passing through easily.

Low E coatings are really designed to keep out heat, but newer coatings allow in beneficial solar heat in cooler months with the sun’s ray are angled lower. Ask your window retailer about the advantages of solar heat gain in the winter and the best window upgrades.