The Importance of the Installation Process When Replacing Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Just as car mechanics can be experts on the inner workings of cars, window specialists know the ins and outs of these moving, mechanical parts of your home. Window experts can ensure your new windows will work properly and last for decades of worry-free use.

Windows made to fit the opening.
To get the best installation, there is nothing like choosing windows made to fit your home. Windows made in standards sizes that are pulled from a warehouse may not fit the openings exactly. The resulting installation may permit water to enter or even be channeled into walls or allow air leaks that compromise the energy efficiency.

What can go wrong?
So why worry about the installation. After all, if you’ve chosen a good window, isn’t the process pretty simple? Water intrusion, is an invisible threat that can take its toll over time. Even a slow leak can conduct moisture and water deep into walls in your home, leading to mold, rot and damage to walls and load bearing members.

Also, your windows’ efficiency may not be fully realized. If you’re investing in new windows to reduce your energy bills, insists on working with factory-trained professionals who are up on the latest techniques to ensure the success of your installation.