The Top 10 Patio Doors to Consider This Summer

By: Architectural Visions

As a homeowner, you want to maximize every square inch of your home and enjoy each space to the fullest extent. One of the best ways to do this is to expand your living space beyond just the exterior walls and spend time relaxing and socializing in comfortable outdoor areas too. Patio doors connect the inside and outside worlds so that you can easily transition from one to the other and change your perspective with minimal effort.

To get your home ready for the summer patio season, here are the top 10 patio door trends to consider.

1. Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are already a very popular choice for 2021 because of their versatility and many options available. These doors give your indoor/outdoor transitional area a modern look and are easy to use, as they slide on a track and provide quick access to the backyard.

Large, sliding scenic door being opened by homeowner

2. Swinging Patio Doors

Homeowners love swinging patio doors because these doors can open up to 180-degrees and get the door out of the way. You can configure your door to swing either outside or inside, depending on how you have your furniture arranged. These patio doors are great for really opening your outside space in the summer without interrupting the flow of your interior.

Swinging patio door in white

3. Bi-Fold Patio Doors

With multiple panels that open in sections, bi-fold doors are a popular choice among homeowners looking to expand their livable space. With these doors, you create a wide opening with a door that folds up like an accordion to let the fresh air in.

Bi-fold scenic doors opened into patio area

4. Exterior French Doors

An exterior French door gives your home a traditional look and a sense of classic elegance. French doors are available in two-, three-, and four-panel configurations to give you more choice in how your room looks.

French doors leading to patio

5. Pocket-Stacked Configuration Patio Doors

When you choose a pocket-stacked door for your patio, you conceal the door panels within the wall for a low-profile look. These are ideal doors for a summer patio if space is limited or to give your home a more minimalist look with effortless simplicity.

Sliding glass patio door in dining room leading to backyard

6. Patio Doors with Retractable Screens

A retractable screen system will give you more choice with your patio doors, which is something that homeowners are definitely looking for in 2021. With a retractable screen, you can choose to have the patio door wide open or screened in to keep out insects and debris. When not in use, the screen disappears into a cassette so that it isn’t in the way.

Patio door with retractable screen

7. Maximum Glass, Minimal Frame Patio Doors

Large glass walls are a beautiful feature in any home, and patio doors can help you achieve this look. To increase visibility into the outside world, you can pair patio doors with large windows on the same wall. Floor-to-ceiling glass offers a touch of luxury to your home to maximize your views and natural light coming in. This style is complemented by minimalistic frames that are slim and barely noticeable. Low-profile patio door frames limit interference in your view and make your outdoor living space look more modern.

Wall of glass

8. Black Frame Patio Doors

For summer 2021, consider black or dark-colored exterior patio door frames to give your patio a sophisticated style and eye-catching visual accent. Black patio door frames look great with light-colored walls because they add contrast while still being subtle if they have a slim design.

Sliding patio door with black frame

9. Fiberglass and Aluminum Patio Doors Materials

Certain materials are also trending for 2021, such as fiberglass and aluminum for patio doors. Fiberglass is a good choice for strength, durability, and rot-resistance if you’re looking for doors that will last for a long time. Aluminum patio doors give homes a modern look, feature trendy narrow frames, and are an affordable option if you’re updating your house on a budget.

marvin fiberglass hinged french door

10. Patio Doors with Sideways-Sliding or Up-Down Shades

To shield your home from the bright summer sunshine and provide a bit of privacy, patio doors with sideways-sliding or up-down shades are a great option. You can find glass doors with built-in blinds between two panels of glass or simply install blinds on the interior side of the doors to save on cooling costs and feel more secure at night. Shades without a cord for operation are a safer choice if you have kids or pets in the house, and they give your patio doors a more modern look too.

Horizontal shades on patio door

At AVI, we have many different styles and brands of patio doors to choose from, so contact us today to get your home ready for summer!