Tips to Choose a Front Door Color

By: Architectural Visions

The front door is your home’s first impression when friends and family come to visit. A front door should be a welcoming color so guests can feel comfortable at your home within the first few steps. With nearly limitless color options, there are a few guidelines to follow so your front door can stand out, while seamlessly blending in with the rest of your house’s style. Read on to learn more about choosing the best front door color for your home.

Considering the style of the home

Your home’s design style, and your natural surroundings can help you better select a front door color. For example, if your home has a modern exterior, then a bright, bold and creative hue, like lime green or bright blue could complement the style. On the other hand, if your home is a classic style, then an elegant hue in a deep navy or rich red may be best. Finally, if nature surrounds your home, natural tones, such as soft blues or muted grays may be the best choice.

However, since the front door has such a small surface area, the front door is a great place to experiment with different colors, regardless of the style or location of the home.

Coordinating with the home’s existing colors

Making sure your front door coordinates with the home’s existing color scheme is key to achieving a cohesive look. Whether you paint the door or leave it wood toned, taking the siding and trim colors into consideration will help guide your front door color decision.

If you leave your door unpainted, you will still need to select from various colors of wood species. For example, a bleached white oak may look beautiful with a white siding farmhouse style home, where a caramel colored mahogany door may look stunning on a red brick Colonial style house.

If you choose to paint the front door, the first step in selecting a color is to assess the color in the natural light. Paint can look drastically different in different lighting, so seeing how the front door color will look outside will help you make the most accurate decision. One way to accomplish this is to tape paint samples to the exterior to see how they will look in different lights and to be sure they will coordinate with your existing exterior color scheme.

Whether you choose a rich wood finish for your door, or you choose to paint it, it’s important to remember the trim. White is a classic option; however, a contrasting shade will help your front door stand out. On the other hand, using the same color for your trim as the front door will create an elegant, tonal look.

Factoring in future exterior renovations

If renovations are part of your plan, then selecting a neutral paint color for the front door will seamlessly adapt to any future exterior changes or updates. Possible choices could include gray, black or brown. Additionally, a wood stain in lieu of paint will also coordinate with nearly any home style or exterior paint color palette.

Knowing the design trends

Trends come and go, but sticking to the classics will always keep your home looking current. Below are front door color options that will stand the test of time, and will also keep your home looking fresh and new.

  • Navy blue: Navy lends a traditional feel and can also pass as a neutral. Shades of navy can range from nearly black to a softer, faded shade. Regardless of where the hue is on the color spectrum, it can feel both classic and current at the same time.
  • Turquoise: This attractive color works well with a home that has a neutral exterior, like gray, white, or beige. Turquoise is relaxing, yet inviting and playful. In addition, the blue hue ties back to nature, as it can often mimic the color of the sky.
  • Sage green: Sage is a soft neutral that ties back to nature, creating a balanced and relaxing effect. Sage blends with a wide range of exteriors, like white, tan, or gray.
  • Red: A red front door is a long-time symbol of a welcoming home. It’s a bright, cheerful color that is also warm and elegant. A red front door works with nearly every exterior paint color, making it an easy way to give your home’s curb appeal a refresh.

Southern front door styles

Southern-style homes are known for their storied architecture, classical details, and charm. Whether you’re in Tennessee, Georgia, or North Carolina, you may have a home that is either made of wood or brick. It may be accented with details such as shutters or columns and a wrap-around porch where you can relax on warm summer nights. Whether you want to create a relaxing, welcoming, or lively vibe, the color of your front door can set the scene.

If you’re planning on painting your front door, it’s an excellent opportunity to take a chance on a unique color because of its small surface area. A front door is a canvas to select a color that evokes an emotion and establishes your home’s vibe. Regardless of the color, it’s always best to choose a color that is uniquely you.

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