Why Marvin Windows And Doors Are Considered High Performance Products

By: Architectural Visions

Made with Energy Efficiency in Mind
New windows can reduce your monthly energy bills as much as 15 to 25 percent according to the US Department of Energy, so choosing a high performing brand is key. Marvin windows and doors are an industry leader and trusted by some of the world’s finest architects and builders to perform impressively. Marvin’s performance starts on the drawing board so it carries through to your home and lasts for decades.
Marvin’s insulating glass windows have multiple panes, with special gases layered in between to reduce temperature extremes from conducting into your home. In addition, Marvin’s window frames are made with innovative and advanced materials to increase the efficiency around the glass.
Air leakage compromises efficiency. Marvin window are made especially to fit your home’s openings and crafted to high standards, so they seal tightly and keeping out the elements. And Marvin’s windows and doors quality engineering means they’ll maintain their snug fit for the long haul.
Don’t Just Take Marvin’s Word For It

You don’t need a laboratory or a science degree to verify a window’s performance.

The federal government rates energy efficient products through the ENERGY STAR program. In recent years, these standards have increased to reflect the nation’s higher standard for energy efficiency. To earn the ENERGY STAR rating, windows much pass rigorous performance tests performed by an approved third party review. Nearly all Marvin products have efficiency features that meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR standard.


The NFRC (National Fenestration Ratings Council) is an independent organization that rates and tests windows and doors. Marvin products carry the NFRC label, describing the standards their windows meet. Your Marvin window specialist can help you read and interpret the NFRC label to learn what each rating means.