Your Guide to Round Top Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Round top windows are one the best ways to add to your home’s curb appeal. They add architectural interest and help to contribute to a unique design. They also help soften the rectangular edges of more commonly used double-hung or casement windows. Round top windows can be custom made to fit any size opening, whether you’re updating your existing windows or building new construction. Because of the different installation options, you can configure a round top window in a variety of ways. Read on to learn more about round top windows and how they can work for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Round top windows add curb appeal, architectural interest and help to contribute to a unique design.
  • There are many round top window design styles, ranging from classic Palladian windows, circle windows, picture windows, and more.
  • Round top windows are energy-efficient and improve the overall design aesthetic.
  • Round top windows lack ventilation and can have a higher cost.
marvin casement round top window

Marvin casement round top window

Types of Round Top Windows 

There are different variations of round top windows. Depending on your home’s aesthetic, there is an arched top window for every architectural and design style.

Palladian window

A Palladian window is an enormous, three-section window where the center window is larger than the outer sides and is arched. Due to their size and grandeur, Palladian windows let plenty of light in and are typically displayed in a living room or dining room in the front of the home. Palladian windows are typically found in classical style architecture and houses that are stately and large.

Circle windows

A circle window has a curved shape and symmetrical design. Also known as a porthole window, this type of custom window is often in stairways, bathrooms, or closets. They allow natural light to come in smaller, darker spaces. It also serves as an added design element. Circle windows are timeless accents that work equally as well in a traditional or contemporary home.

Round top window with extended legs

A round top or circle top window is in a half-circle shape and typically sits above a square or rectangle shape window. This design provides a sophisticated look and enhances both the curb appeal and the interior design style. A curved top window with extended legs means the edges extend down to the bottom, where the half-circle would typically end. This type of window adds interest to a standard double-hung or casement window in any room of the home.

Picture window with a round top

A picture window is an oversized window that acts as a picture frame to the outdoor scenery, giving you a clear view of your outdoor surroundings and allowing ample natural light in the house. Picture windows can be made in any shape: square, circle, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, rhombus, or octagon. A picture window with an arched top means a half-circle window is situated on top of the picture window. This design works beautifully in rooms with high ceilings, such as great rooms or family rooms.

Pros and Cons of Round Top Windows

Like any window, round top windows come with their own set of pros and cons. Several of the pros and cons of round top windows are outlined below.

Pros of round top windows

  • Energy-efficient: Because round top windows don’t open, they have high energy efficiency ratings.
  • Improves design aesthetic: An arched window adds additional visual interest and curb appeal that standard rectangular or square windows lack.

Cons of round top windows

  • No ventilation: Since round top windows are accent windows without moving parts, they can’t open to provide ventilation. However, since they are typically installed above a larger window, the window below provides ample ventilation.
  • Cost: Since round top windows are an additional accent, there is a higher cost than simply installing a picture window or casement window.

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