13 Signs You Need New Windows

By: Architectural Visions

If you’re considering investing in new windows, several signs can indicate that it’s time to replace your windows. Whether the functionality of your windows is decreasing, your energy bills are rising, or you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, new windows may be the best choice for you. Read on to learn the 13 signs you need new windows.

Your windows are leaking rain

Leaking windows can cause a host of issues and hazards. For example, when water enters through the window, it can result in window condensation and water pooling around the windows. This moisture can result in rotted window frames, damage to the floors, a compromised foundation and increased heating and cooling bills.

Your windows are drafty

Drafty windows do more damage than simply let the cold air in. Drafty windows impact your heating and air conditioning costs, as they aren’t effective in controlling the amount of heat that enters and exits the house.

Your energy bills are too high

If your energy bills are higher than you’re used to, the first place to check is the windows. If the windows are drafty and ineffective, this will be reflected in your energy bills.

The frames are broken or decaying

Window frames that are broken or decaying can allow moisture to enter your home. Moisture that enters a space that can’t escape can result in mold, especially if there is warmth. Mold may begin by discoloring the window and surrounding materials and eventually expand to the walls. This level of mold can cause health issues.

The noise from outside is too loud inside your home

New windows can help block noise and can be a sound barrier for loud external noises. In addition, newer window materials can help reduce noise better than older windows. Also, double-glazed windows can help block out outside sounds.

The windows are foggy

Foggy windows are typically a sign of a problem with the window. Common causes of foggy windows include a broken seal, exposure to moisture, or excessive heat. While there are ways to temporarily solve issues associated with foggy windows, the most reliable fix is to replace the window entirely.

There is condensation around the windows

Condensation around the windows indicates there is an issue. The age of the window, everyday wear and tear, such as the sealant breaking down, cracked caulk or a bad glass seal, faulty installation and poor maintenance are several leading causes of condensation accumulating around the window.

The windows aren’t opening or closing properly

If you’re having difficulty opening a window, first assess the window to determine that the issue is with the window itself. If you know the window sustained damage, it’s likely an issue with the window. Next, check to see if the frame is damaged or if the window handle moves but the window won’t open. This may mean the window hardware or lock is damaged.

You live in an area with heavy storms and/or wind

If your climate has harsh weather conditions, it’s essential to have windows that can stand up to the heavy storms and high winds.

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EuroLine steel windows and doors

Your windows lack curb appeal

New windows can add instant curb appeal to your home. In addition, custom windows, picture windows, or bay windows can add extra interest and originality to your home.

You want to sell your home

New windows can increase the value of your home. Homes with new windows are important to homebuyers and can help your home sell faster and at a higher sale price.

You have single pane windows

While single hung windows may be a more affordable initial investment, replacing your windows with double hung windows may offer more significant long-term benefits. Double hung windows have increased ventilation capabilities, which provide more protection against mold. Double hung windows are also known for being more energy efficient.

 Your windows don’t lock

Windows that don’t lock pose safety risks from an intruder being able to enter to the dangers of children falling out. In addition to safety risks, windows that don’t lock mean they aren’t all the way secure and heat is entering and exiting the house, which will impact your energy bills.


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