6 Steps to New Windows

By: Architectural Visions

6 Steps to New Windows

Step 1. Plan Your Replacement Budget & Strategy. You don’t have to replace all at once. Begin by replacing heavy-trafficked rooms in your home OR problematic windows first. Work out from there. Plan your strategy based on your budget.

Step 2. Do Your Research. Not all windows are created equal. AVI stands behind Marvin and Integrity Windows and Doors. Not sold in large-scale retailers like Home Depot or Loews, Marvin and Integrity windows are leaders in quality, craftsmanship and performance.

Step 3. Determine Which Brand is Right for You? The main difference between the brands is the materials. Don’t focus on aesthetics, most brands will have double-hungs, casements, colors, etc… that can be customized to your size, color and style. Start with performance, performance comes from what the window is made of. And those materials will have a direct impact on cost and durability. Read more about the advantages of fiberglass.

Visit AVI’s showrooms to touch and feel the products first-hand. We will guide you the rest of the way!

Step 4. The Details. Make initial product/features selections, get a few quotes from different brands, finalize brand selection, finalize product/features selections, adjust and finalize the quote. Sign the contract and get your order placed.

Step 5. Install. By choosing Marvin or Integrity from Marvin windows and doors, one of AVI’s Marvin-authorized, factory-trained installers will leave you worry-free and confident in your decision.

Step 6. Enjoy. Whether you’re replacing one room or your whole home, new windows and doors are one of the smartest investments you can make. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

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