Best Windows for the Bathroom

By: Architectural Visions

Windows are an essential component of any home; they are our portals to the outside world. Different types of windows control, in varying means and effectiveness, the entrance of light, heat, cold, energy, and visibility. Furthermore, they provide various levels of privacy, create a sense of space, and are integral to creating a specific aesthetic and style in separate rooms and the household in general.

For any home renovation, homeowners need to weigh several factors when considering new window installations and replacements. These factors include how much and what type of light/cold/heat you want to pass, ventilation, how much privacy you want in a certain room, and the sense of space you want to create. Furthermore, you’ll need to consider logistical factors for windows, such as the climate in which you live, what direction the window faces, as well as local codes and laws related with window installation in certain spaces in the home.

All these considerations are definitely in play, if not more so than usual, when considering window installations and replacements in the bathroom. Arguably, no other room in a house gets as much traffic. So obviously, privacy is a critical factor in the type of windows you choose for the room. Also, the strength and composition of the windows is important in that they meet certain safety regulations, as well as thinking about the effect of moisture/humidity that is inherent to a bathroom. You’ll need to think about how much light comes in as well as energy efficiency with heat/cold coming in or escaping. Of course, you’ll also want a bathroom to be a comfortable space with good ventilation. Effective ventilation is also important for preventing mold build up in certain areas of the room. As you see, you’re definitely going to want at least one window in your bathroom for all the above reasons.

Here at AVI, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on your next bathroom window installation or replacement. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the best options of window types for your bathroom as well as the different factors you’ll want to consider when picking the perfect window for your bathroom.

What are Some Popular Bathroom Window Types?

When considering window options for a bathroom, you’ll need to keep in mind the importance of each factor above in regard to your personal needs: light, energy efficiency, a sense of space, the privacy needed, etc. Here are some popular options for bathroom window styles that tend to check many of these boxes.

Casement Windows

This type of crank window checks several boxes for homeowners. A casement window is sort of like a mini door, hinged on one side and opening outward with the use of a crank. This vertical opening is great for allowing in daylight as well as for ventilation. Casements are also one of your best options when considering energy efficiency, as a compression seal around the area where the sash meets the frame creates an airtight space when closed and minimizing heat loss.

Awning Windows

These are also a crank style window like casements, but awning windows have a hinge at the top and open at the bottom, making them a bit more optimal for bathrooms than casements because they can be opened in any type of weather. When paired with privacy glass, the window can still block the inside view even if it is open.

Sliding Windows

This window is another popular option. A sliding window has one movable pane that slides back and forth on a fixed pane. These are a popular, less expensive option that still offer good ventilation, light, and energy efficiency. When paired with privacy glass, low-e glass coating and water treatment, a sliding window becomes an adequate option for the bathroom.

Skylight Windows

There is arguably no better way to have natural light enter a room than placing a window in your ceiling, and many modern home designs feature skylights above the tub, shower, or sink. They inherently offer a sense of privacy and the natural light is relaxing. With a skylight window, however, you will need to add another window and a ventilation fan to circulate the humid air outside.

Hopper Windows

These types of windows open downward, and when set up high are a great source of natural ventilation. These are a good option to consider for a bathroom for when you need to let moisture and humidity escape after a hot shower.

Pairing Your Windows with Obscure and Privacy Glass

As mentioned above, these window types can be paired with what is known as obscure and privacy glass to control the amount of privacy you allow in your bathroom. Obscure is a catch-all term for types of glass that provide a partial absence of transparency, in that a person’s perception is somewhat blocked by the glass. This obstruction can happen on one or both sides of the glass, and its amount can range from slight, to the creation of silhouettes, to the complete masking of objects. Frosted, patterned, bubble, or raindrop are all great options for privacy glass to include with your bathroom windows.

What Frame Material Works Best for a Bathroom Window?

You have several options in terms of material you can use for the frame of your bathroom windows: wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum are among them. When thinking about the logistics of a bathroom, however, and the amount of moisture and humidity present, you’ll need to think about the effects these will have on a given material. Wood and aluminum do not mix overtime with moisture, obviously. You should heavily consider the benefits of fiberglass windows for your bathroom, as they are rather unaffected by these factors.

What Other Logistics Must You Consider for Bathroom Windows?

When looking at the different types of bathroom windows, climate is always going to play a factor. In colder/warmer temperatures, a casement window is just more optimal than a sliding window. Though initially a larger investment, a casement window’s higher energy efficiency will pay off in the end.

Furthermore, you need to think about which direction the window is facing. As windows are the portals of natural light into our homes, you’ll need to make sure that natural light from the sun is actually going to hit that windowpane. The amount of light that you let on also creates a perception of space, which can be important when no one wants to feel cramped in a bathroom.

What regulations affect Bathroom Window Types?

Unavoidably, bathrooms are an area in the home where, because of the moist nature of the space, a natural hazard of slipping and falling is always a concern. Added onto the inherent high traffic of a bathroom, certain international regulations have been put in place regarding the type of glass that can be installed in the case that it shatters in the bathroom. Under these cases, tempered glass , must be installed to lessen the risk of harm.

Tempered glass is glass treated to be roughly five times stronger than regular glass, and while not unbreakable, will shatter when broken into large square shapes. This result is arguably safer and easier to clean up than tiny shards scattered everywhere, especially on a wet bathroom floor.

AVI Has Got Your Bathroom Windows!

However these considerations and your desires line up, AVI has got the optimal choice for your next bathroom window installation or replacement. Whether online or in person, we are here to help guide you and can serve as your one stop shop to view, choose, and install your new bathroom windows.

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