Your Guide to Fiberglass Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Windows are a key part of the statement you want to make about your home. They frame what you see outside and what others see inside, they create the mood of a room with the light and air allowed in it, and their shape and size can drastically alter the style of a home. The material you choose for your windows can have a significant impact on these factors, and fiberglass replacement windows are a great option for you to make your own unique statement about your home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fiberglass is a fiber-reinforced plastic that is 8 to 10 times stronger than vinyl
  • Fiberglass can withstand extreme temperatures, making fiberglass windows energy and thermally efficient
  • Fiberglass is ideal for large windows, as it allows lots of light to pass through without the heat or cold
  • Because the main component of fiberglass is sand, fiberglass windows are easily recyclable and environmentally friendly
marvin fiberglass hinged french door

Marvin Fiberglass French doors

What is Fiberglass?

First of all, fiberglass is a fiber-reinforced plastic made by pushing strands of glass fiber through a heated resin. Depending on its intended use, the material can be flattened into a sheet often known as a chopped strand-mat, randomly arranged, or woven into fabric. The material is used in a range of things including sporting equipment, boats, even bridges, and of course, windows. Fiberglass has a light yet durable nature, able to withstand extreme temperatures as well as endure a significant amount of wear and tear. Thus, fiberglass makes a highly suitable option for use in home windows.

Here at AVI we can walk you through all the benefits of choosing replacement fiberglass windows for your next home installation. Here is a starter guide.

Fiberglass Windows are Strong and Durable

In comparison to vinyl, fiberglass is about 8 to 10 times stronger. Its strength means for smaller, less bulky window frames, allowing for more natural light and expansive views. With a strength-to-weight ratio far greater to that of other materials, fiberglass windows are ideal for larger windows that let lots of light in without the heat or cold. Moreover, fiberglass windows just don’t quit; they experience no warping, corroding, rotting, or rusting, and they stand up well to the elements. Therefore, it does not take much maintenance to keep fiberglass windows looking just like new.

Fiberglass Windows are Energy/Thermal Efficient

Fiberglass windows keep heat in and keep the cold out, and many homeowners see a substantial drop in their heating bills; this is obviously another plus you should consider. Furthermore, fiberglass’ heat conductivity is significantly lower than other materials, and fiberglass frames will not expand or contract as much. Thus, fiberglass windows last much longer and are more stable. This stability makes fiberglass replacement windows great for if you are considering multi-pane options.

Fiberglass Windows are Environmentally Friendly

Fiberglass’ main component is sand, a resource we have plenty of and one that is recyclable. It also takes substantially less energy to produce fiberglass. Fiberglass windows themselves are easily recyclable and have low environmental impact. This aspect of fiberglass replacement windows is crucial if you are thinking about the environmental footprint of your home.

Fiberglass Windows Have Lots of Design Flexibility

Innovations have made fiberglass window designs significantly flexible. You have a great deal of options in regard to coating and windows that already come with great factory finishes, or you can have the finish added after installation. You can also clad fiberglass windows with natural wood to give a more traditional feel. Originally only in white, there are a now a range of color choices available both on the inside and outside of the frame. These colors can be baked in. However, fiberglass takes paint just as well as wood if you want to add after installing. Also, you have the options of curves and arch tops as opposed to traditional straight pieces.

What should you look for in a fiberglass window?

If you are looking for windows that are durable, efficient, and affordable, then replacement fiberglass windows are a great choice for your next home installation. While not as inexpensive as vinyl or aluminum, the durability and energy efficiency of fiberglass windows can really turn out to be a good home investment. In fact, installing fiberglass replacement windows can actually increase your home’s value.

Styles of Fiberglass windows

All this innovation has led to a variety of style options for Fiberglass windows as well. You can choose from a classic double hung, a modern casement, an outdoorsy awning, the refined bay and bow, or a special one of a kind shape such as cathedral style windows that adds a unique character to a particular space. All in all, the experts at AVI can help you find which window style fits your home needs.

AVI is your source for Fiberglass Windows

Whatever the style, AVI has got you covered when it comes to fiberglass replacement windows. Furthermore, whether in-store or online, AVI is your one-stop shop to design, purchase, install, and whatever else you need to add fiberglass windows to your home.

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