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Surprises to Factor into Home Remodeling Plans

The beginning of the year launches plans for home improvement projects. While you’re still in the early stages anticipating unknowns, here’s a helpful list of five hazardous substances to keep an eye out for from Marvin Windows and Doors’ blog, mLuxe. Find out how lead, mold, dust, asbestos and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can impact your…

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Vinyl Windows vs Fiberglass Windows: Which is better?

For years vinyl replacement windows were the modern way to update old deteriorated windows. But did you know that for over 15 years, fiberglass windows have been outperforming vinyl windows in every way? Here are some quick facts to consider if you’re shopping for new windows for your home. Fiberglass windows: have a 38% longer…

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What Happens During Window Replacement?

Want to know exactly what to expect from drop cloths to window design? Watch this video and in less than 5 minutes you’ll learn a lot. Home improvement expert Lou Manfredini did a great segment on window replacement on his TV show HouseSmarts.

About Interior Design: Take a tour through time

Trying to decide on a new interior scheme? Here’s an interesting way to take in the many styles of architecture and design, in a fun, interactive timeline created by

Your home is still the best place to put your money

Your home still can be a great place to invest. Considering home improvements as we head into the holiday season? This great blog post my MLuxe gives you great perspective on the sort of investments you’re thinking of making. Follow this link to learn more: Your home is still the best place to put your…

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Tips for Hiring an Architect

Hiring an architect can help you get the results you dream of. If you’re considering a major home improvement project, especially one where load-bearing walls or exteriors walls will require significant changes, hiring an architect may be necessary. Good news! It’s a buyers market as the housing and building industries have slowed dued to the recession. Click…

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Before and After Photos of a Home Renovation Project with Therma-Tru

If you’re considering a home makeover, this project offers lots of great ideas of products, brands and ways to make the job easy. The owners of this 1980’s era home in Atlanta’s Cobb County wanted to leave behind the dated contemporary style for a beautiful Arts and Crafts theme. Front and back porches were added…

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Best Dog House Design in Atlanta

Do you love your dog enough to give them the best windows around? How much do you love your dog? Enough to build him or her an amazing doghouse complete with heating, cooling, and a beautiful view? During a recent home renovation, these metro Atlanta homeowners wanted to keep their dog comfy and safe as he whiled…

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Lead Based Paint – 4 Ways to Fight this Fearful Problem

For decades, Americans have known about the effects of lead based paints, but there was a collective perception that this danger just lurked in old urban apartment buildings. In truth lead based paint was used in more than 38 million homes until it was banned for residential use in 1978. The EPA’s stance on the…

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Home Talk: Ask the Builder and Get Reliable Answers

Matt Hoots of SawHorse, one of Atlanta’s go to expert design, build, and remodeling firms, discusses an exciting new way for homeowners to get free answers to their important home improvement dilemmas. On, you’ll find real home improvement experts and discussions started by homeowners just like you. Get the facts on topics such as…

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