Double Hung vs. Casement Windows: Which One Is Right for You?

By: Architectural Visions

As your local window experts in the Southeast, we can attest to the fact that the most popular styles of windows are double hung windows and casement windows. Both window types have their pros and cons, but one particular style might work better than the other in your home – aesthetically, functionally, and for your budget.

Key takeaways for choosing double hung or casement windows

  • Functionality of how to operate the two types of windows can affect how you open, close, and clean the windows.
  • Double hung windows are known for being more durable than casement windows. Depending on the weather in your area, double hung windows may be the better option long term.
  • Casement windows come in various styles and shapes and can be customized to fit most home styles. Double hung windows are a more traditional style, while casement windows are more modern.
  • Casement windows are known for being more energy efficient due to the tight seal from the sash pressing up against the weather-stripping.
  • Double hung windows are generally seen as a more affordable option compared to casement windows.
  • Some locations of the house work better for both types of windows. Casement windows work well for areas you want to let in fresh air since they direct air flow. Double hung windows are better for ventilating bathrooms or bedrooms.
  • Views from the windows can differ depending on which type you chose. Double hung windows have vertical and horizontal lines running through the middle while casement windows have unobstructed views.
  • Installing casement windows can be tricky due to the need for space for them to open outwards. Double hung windows open vertically and do not require space to open.

This article compares the various aspects of double hung windows vs. casement windows so that you can make the best choice for your house.


Double hung windows slide vertically upward, while casement windows swing out to the side like a door. Both types of windows are easy to operate. Double hung windows are lifted and lowered by hand, while casement windows rely upon a crank mechanism and can be pushed open. However, many people find that double hung windows are easier to clean than casement ones, especially the outside of the glass.


Homeowners often find that double hung windows are more durable than casement windows because of the effects of exposure to rain, snow, and wind over time. Because of how they operate, this exposure could make casement windows degrade more quickly if left open for very long periods of time. This may lead homeowners to trust the reliability of double hung windows in high-exposure areas.


Double hung windows are the traditional style of windows, while casement windows give your home a more contemporary look. If you have a home with historic architecture, double hung windows are often best. However, you can get also choose a simulated checkrail with your casement windows which will give them the look of a double hung window. But if you want to have a more modern and simplistic look, casement windows are an excellent choice.

Casement windows come in various styles and shapes to help you craft the look you want with your home design. A popular option for double hung windows is the cottage window, which has a smaller sash on top and a larger sash on the bottom, perhaps as well as divided lites on the top sash.

Energy Efficiency

Both styles of windows can be very energy efficient if you get a high-quality model that prioritizes energy savings. However, casement windows are generally considered to be the most energy-efficient option because of the sash pressing up against the weather-stripping, creating a tight seal.

Although the window seals work differently with double hung windows, the energy efficiency of this type can be just as good with the top brands. Energy efficiency depends upon the tightness of a window seal, so this may require a repair or replacement over time with frequent use.


If you are looking to reduce window costs, double hung windows are often a more affordable option. These types of windows tend to be more modestly priced, while casement windows may be priced higher. The type of glass, finishes, and materials used affect a window’s cost, regardless of whether you choose a double hung or casement style.


Casement windows work well in parts of the home that you want to let the fresh air in because they effectively direct breezes inside. If you have kids in the house, double hung windows are often better options in areas they are able to access for safety purposes so that little ones don’t accidentally fall out.

Casement windows are great in kitchens above the sink because they are easier to open in this location. Meanwhile, double hung windows are the tried-and-true standard for bedrooms and bathrooms for maximum ventilation, along with the possibility of opening up both the upper sash and lower sash. Areas of the home with easy accessibility from the outside may benefit from casement windows that have a hook-shaped latch in the frame.


Both styles of windows can offer a lovely view to the outside world. However, double hung windows have a horizontal bar in the middle that is often at eye level and can obstruct the view. If you want an unobstructed view out into your yard, casement windows are the preferred option. For maximum views with a double hung window though, you can choose an oversize option because they are available in sizes up to five feet wide and 10 feet high.

Installation Options

If you want to install a casement window, you’ll need enough space outside of the window for it to open and close. This may bump up against interior furniture or outside landscaping if the space is tight. Double hung windows can fit nicely in these tight spaces since they only move up and down, rather than in and out.

For either type of window, full-frame replacement involves completely removing an existing window and replacing it with a new one. This is a more extensive process than insert replacement installation, which only involves placing a new window into an existing frame on the house. Not only can AVI assist you with selecting the right windows for your home or project, we also offer hassle-free window installation services with a quality guarantee.

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