Energy Efficient Windows: Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

By: Architectural Visions

Energy efficient windows offer many benefits, including cost, comfort and environmental benefits. These windows can help you save on heating and air conditioning costs and maximize your comfort when you’re indoors, including keeping you cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold outside. They can also reduce your carbon footprint. This guide will explain the most frequently asked questions about energy efficient windows.

Key takeaways about energy efficient windows:

  • You can make single-pane windows more energy efficient by applying caulk, weather-stripping and adding materials to block the sun, such as awnings and window treatments.
  • When selecting energy efficient windows, it’s essential to consider the windowpanes, window frames and amount of weather stripping.
  • Triple pane, low-E and insulated windows are several of the most energy efficient window types.

How do you make single pane windows more energy efficient?

If you have single-pane windows, several ways will make them more energy efficient. The following methods are the most common:

  • Apply caulk and weather-strips: Caulking and weather-stripping will help prevent hot and cold air from entering your home through the windows. This is an easy and cost-effective first step if the window feels drafty.
  • Install awnings: Awnings can help block the sun, which will help prevent the sun from overheating the home. This will help save on air conditioning costs.
  • Add window treatments: Drapery, shades and blinds can block sunlight and prevent drafts. This will save on both heating and air conditioning costs throughout the year.
AVI professional installing Marvin double hung windows

AVI professional installing Marvin double hung windows

How to choose replacement energy efficient windows?

If you’re preparing to replace your energy efficient windows, consider several features before you replace them. Some of these features include:

  • Window frame: The frame is the window’s foundation. Common window frame materials include: fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, wood, and composite. The more durable the frame, the less likely it is to warp, which will help prevent drafts. Foam-filled frames can also provide extra insulation.
  • Windowpanes: Energy efficient windows typically have two or three panes of glass. Energy can escape a single pane window, but multiple panes provide insulation and help block heat transfer.
  • Weather-stripping: Weather-stripping creates a seal along the edges of the window to keep drafts out. Energy-efficient windows have more significant amounts of high-quality weather stripping.

Are energy efficient windows tax deductible?

If you install energy efficient windows, you may benefit from an energy tax credit. However, it is still pending. According to, “The current tax credits for Residential Energy Efficiency (Equipment Tax Credits for Primary Residences) expired on December 31, 2021. As of January 5, 2022, there is no approved extension of these tax credits. Any extension/renewal of these credits is still pending approved legislation by Congress.”

Pending approval, windows, doors and skylights that earn the ENERGY STAR can result in a tax credit amount of 10% of the cost, up to $500 and windows are capped at $200.

What replacement windows are the most energy efficient?

If you’re considering upgrading your existing windows to energy efficient windows, below are the types of windows that are the most energy efficient:

  • Triple pane windows: The three panes of glass help to better keep the cold air out in the winter and help keep the heat out in the summer.
  • Low-E windows: These windows are coated with a layer of metal that reflects heat to prevent it from entering your home. These are a great option if you live in a climate with hot temperatures.
  • Insulated windows: Insulated windows have two or more layers of glass separated by an airtight seal. This seal helps keep drafts out.


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