Weatherize Your Windows For The Summer Heat

By: Architectural Visions

With the summer heat on the horizon, it’s essential to ensure your windows are weatherized and prepped for the hot temperatures ahead. Weatherizing your windows for summer can increase energy efficiency, be cost-effective and help you stay cool during the hot summer months. Read on for tips to weatherize windows for the summer heat and ensure your home is ready for summer.

Key takeaways for weatherizing your windows for summer:

  • Assess the weather stripping, caulk the windows and ensure your windows are clean.
  • Upgrade the glass to windows with high-efficiency Low-E coatings can help decrease the heat that comes through the windows. Replace any cracked windows that may be letting heat come in.
  • Install window treatments to help block the sunlight and its heat.
  • Replacing the windows may be necessary for older windows. New windows will result in instantly weatherized windows and help save on your air conditioning bills.
  • Call a professional to determine if your windows need a repair or replacement and guide you on the best steps.

Assess the weather stripping

Weather stripping seals the windows to prevent air from leaking. Weather stripping is the material between the window pane and the sash. When the weather stripping wears down, hot air can enter your home, making your home feel hot and cause your energy bill to go up. If you’re learning how to use weather stripping, consider contacting a professional to ensure the job is done correctly.

Caulk the windows

Caulking helps seal the windows and is similar to weather stripping. Air leaks in windows can allow hot air to come through the cracks, which wastes a significant amount of energy. Windows are the top source of air links, so applying clear caulking material around the window seams will help prevent air loss.

Clean the windows

Cleaning the windows is an easy but effective fix. During the winter months, dirt and debris can build up on the windows. This can leave a film and cause the windows’ surface to break down. Windows retain heat when they’re dirty, ensuring they are clean will help with your weatherizing efforts. A homemade solution of water and mild soap or a store-bought glass cleaner will give you squeaky clean windows, which will help improve their appearance and ability to stand up to heat.

Upgrade the glass

Replacing the glass in your windows with high-efficiency Low-E coatings can decrease the amount of heat that comes through the windows. This will also help protect your furniture from UV rays that come through the windows.

Replace cracked windows

If your window panes are cracked, they will be a significant source of letting hot air in, which will increase your home’s temperature. Therefore, if the panes are cracked, they will need to be replaced, so your home stays cool and so you save energy.

Install window treatments

Window treatments can provide privacy, protect your home from direct sunlight, and prevent heat from entering. Blackout shades and drapes with white backings are the best window treatment options for helping to block the sunlight.

Replacement window process

Replacement Window Installment Process

Replace the windows

While there are at-home solutions for weatherizing windows and repairing minor damages, older windows may require a replacement. New windows will result in instantly weatherized windows and help save on your air conditioning bills.

Schedule annual window maintenance

Professional, annual window maintenance will help prevent damage from going unnoticed. In addition, window maintenance can help reduce leaks, prevent hot air from entering the home, and save you costly more extensive repairs down the road.

Assess the hardware

Sometimes, a defective window can be due to faulty hardware. First, check the hardware to ensure they open, close and lock. If the hardware isn’t working optimally, you can try lubricating the parts to see if this helps. If lubricating doesn’t work, the malfunctioning hardware will need to be replaced.

Install solar screens

While traditional screens help prevent debris and insects from entering your home, solar screens help prevent heat from entering. Solar screens have the appearance of a conventional metal screen, and they also help prevent the sun’s UV rays from entering your home.

Install functional exterior shutters

Functioning exterior shutters that open and close can help reduce direct sunlight on the windows. In addition, replacing your inoperable shutters with functional shutters can act as a barrier to the scorching UV rays.

Plant trees or shrubbery

Planting trees or shrubbery is a long-term strategy, but planting shade trees this spring will pay off in several years when the trees mature and you will benefit from the energy savings. This approach works for east or west-facing windows.

When to bring in a professional

Once you assess the condition of your windows, it’s often wise to bring in a professional for a further evaluation and determine if your windows need a repair or replacement. Below are some common scenarios that could benefit from a professional assessment:

  • When you want to upgrade the glass to a high-efficiency Low-E coating or when you want to replace the window entirely.
  • If your windows are drafty. This could require an at-home repair or a complete window replacement. A professional can help direct you to select the best option.
  • If water leaks inside when it rains. A leaking window could indicate that it needs to be replaced.
  • If a window is cracked. A professional can help guide you if the window can be repaired or replaced.
  • To schedule your annual window maintenance. Investing in annual preventative maintenance can save you from larger window replacement jobs in the future.

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