Marvin Casement Windows

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Replacing or installing windows is an excellent home renovation to increase the value of your house. In that regard, it’s important to choose the right window replacements or installations that best fits your house’s style. You’ll also want to consider other major factors regarding performance as well as function.

Casement windows are becoming an incredibly popular choice for homeowners because they do in fact offer a great deal of style, function, and performance, as well as other benefits to homeowners. These types of windows can be referred to as crank windows, side hinge windows, or hinged windows, as one of the main features of the window is the hinged sash that swings to the outside of the home.

In regards to this popular window type, Marvin casement windows are second to none, offering a variety of casement window styles that will fit perfectly into any household installation or replacement. With a Marvin casement window, you can be certain you are purchasing quality, energy-efficiency, superior insulation, and durability.

Here at AVI Windows and Doors we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best Marvin casement window option for your next window replacement or installation. Here we have provided an overview of Marvin casement window styles, materials, and the hardware features that make Marvin stand out from other brands.

What is a Casement Window?

A casement window is one with a sash hinged on the side that allows it to open either to the left or the right. Some types can be pushed open and pulled closed with a handle, while most are operated via a hand crank, typically located on the lower part of the frame. Casement windows offer a great option for spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom where cabinets or bathrooms make the upper parts of the window difficult to reach. While casement windows are typically associated with a more modern style, additions such as window grids can help achieve a more traditional style. Of course, Marvin casement windows have these types of variations!

Casement Window Benefits

As mentioned before, there are several obvious as well as not so obvious benefits of casement windows. First of all, casement windows are super easy to operate. This makes them excellent for hard-to-reach places: countertops, sinks, bathtubs, etc. Most hand cranks on casement windows are located at the bottom, making this type of window incredibly easy to open and close.

Second, casement windows have a great track record with energy efficiency. Casement windows have an airtight seal when closed, which is great for preventing unwanted airflow in and out of your home; great for when you don’t want the heat or cold getting in, and when you don’t want to let the controlled air in the house to escape.

Conversely, when opened, casement windows are amazing for open air flow and ventilation. Because they don’t open half-way or horizontally, the air from the outside can be allowed to flow fully and freely through the house, decreasing unwanted stuffiness.

Next, casement windows offer a great deal of security, as the window is embedded into the frame. Also with the crank you can control how wide the window is open.

Lastly, casement windows offer a great deal of versatility and variety, coming in many styles and materials and including several hardware options. Marvin especially offers these benefits with their outstanding casement windows.

Why Marvin Casement Windows?

With all the benefits of casement windows, why choose Marvin casement windows over other brands? Let’s list the ways:

First of all, the brand Marvin is synonymous with high quality and durability. Marvin windows often feature fiberglass construction, a material that does not rot or warp. Therefore, Marvin casement windows are highly durable and will perform better in any type of weather situation. Marvin, however, still offers wood window options and has some of the highest standards in the industry for wood sourcing and processing. Therefore, their wood casement windows are second to none in high quality.

Because of such high standards of quality and durability, a Marvin casement window is naturally low maintenance. Because of the materials Marvin uses in their windows and care in which they construct these windows, a busy homeowner will not need to worry about maintenance issues. Especially in regard to fiberglass windows, their composition with this material ensures amazing thermal performance.

Next up, Marvin casement windows offer excellent energy efficiency. Because Marvin utilizes state-of-the-art technology like Low-E glass coatings, insulating glass, and triplane glazing, their windows are arguably some of the most energy-efficient windows available on the market. Therefore, Marvin casement windows are a great option for lowering your utility bills!

Furthermore, Marvin offers a second to none Limited Warranty on glass and parts.

Lastly, Marvin offers a wide range of window styles that will fit the aesthetic needs of any homeowner. Their selection of casement windows is no exception, which we will explore in the next section.

Marvin Casement Window Styles

The main benefit of Marvin casement windows is arguably the variety of styles, materials, and hardware options. The company divides its material and hardware options into collections: Ultimate, Modern, Elevate, and Essential. Let’s explore all the amazing benefits of Marvin’s ultimate casement collection.

Marvin’s signature Ultimate casement offers some of the largest sizes possible, secure multi-point locks, durable hardware, and an exclusive wash mode making for easy cleaning.

The Ultimate French casement offers a traditional style with today’s performance, security, and energy efficiency. This type of casement opens from the center like a French door, but there is not center vertical post to block scenery and the window swings outward to help save space indoors.

The modern casement comes with configuration options with numerous size options and comes with a rotating handle design.

The casement push out window has a classic look with simple push out functionality, offering an alternative to the crank-out-style casement window.

Lastly, the narrow frame casement window option offers a contemporary design with a flush exterior and narrow jamb. With a design that is sleek and its square profiles, this type of window is a great renovation or addition that calls for slim lines and ultimate views.

Marvin Casement Window Materials

What really sets Marvin casement windows above the rest are the high standards the company puts on material selection, sourcing, and development.

Wood is certainly a material that Marvin uses in its windows as it offers great customization and versatility. Marvin puts a great emphasis on wood sourcing as well as understanding and accessing its applications when developing their casement windows.

Extruded Aluminum is stronger and more stable than its roll formed counterpart, hence Marvin only uses extruded for its exterior cladding on their casement windows.

Marvin also utilizes fiberglass options in its casement windows, either High-Density fiberglass or Ultrex fiberglass. High-Density fiberglass is a state-of-the-art material that can mirror the look of other modern materials but comes with superior thermal efficiency. Another option is Ultrex fiberglass, which has incredibly low conductivity making it one of the best insulators among window-frame material.

AVI has got your Marvin Casement Windows

Whatever the style, material, or hardware options you are looking for in a Marvin casement window, AVI has got you covered for your next window installment or replacement. We’ve got the knowledge and expertise to help you research, choose, and install your Marvin casement window.

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