5 Advantages Of Ultrex Fiberglass Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Integrity Ultrex casement windows in bedroomMore and more, fiberglass is an increasingly popular material to use for window replacements in home renovations. The advantages of fiberglass, from its inherent strength and durability, its energy efficiency, and its environmental friendliness, make this material a convincing alternative to other window materials such as vinyl, wood, and aluminum.

Marvin’s Ultrex, a low-maintenance thermoset fiberglass composite, has set the benchmark of toughness and longevity that is unsurpassed in the world of window replacement. Here at AVI we are proud to offer customers the window that has been voted Best Quality Fiberglass window on the market 7 years running (2014 – 2020) by Builder Magazine.

Key Takeaways

  • Ultrex has the strength of steel and is eight times stronger than vinyl, making Ultrex fiberglass windows impact resistant
  • Due to the chemical process that takes place when the material is made, Ultrex doesn’t soften or melt in tough environmental conditions
  • Ultrex is made by Marvin Windows and Doors, a brand known and trusted for over 100 years

Excellent Performance

What has earned Ultrex fiberglass windows this honor of Best Quality fiberglass window? First, its excellent performance is a significant component. Ultrex is as strong as steel, eight times stronger than vinyl, and three-and-a-half times stronger than wood/vinyl composites.

Furthermore, these windows are impact resistant, standing up to some of the harshest weather and elements, and can resist chipping, chalking, or even fading in darker hues.

Additionally, Ultrex expands and contracts with the glass, working with it rather than against it. Therefore, as temperatures fluctuate, there is less chance of stress cracks and seal failures, reducing the chance of air and water leakage as well as drafts. Along with better energy efficiency, no leakage makes it water resistant, meaning no rot or corrosion. Lastly, by its nature as fiberglass, Ultrex is nonconductive, so it won’t transfer heat or cold into your home, keeping it more comfortable.

Superior Window Material

What makes Ultrex’s excellent performance possible is its superior makeup. Ultrex is a thermoset material crafted through a chemical process that alters the product at the molecular level. Therefore, Ultrex won’t soften or melt when exposed to environmental temperatures, explaining much of the material’s excellent performance. It is engineered to maintain its look, strength, and stamina over the years, thus making it virtually maintenance free.

French doors leading to patio

Marvin Ultrex French Doors

Aesthetic Appeal

Ultrex’s natural strength allows for a frame with a narrower profile, permitting more sunlight and better views. Additionally, Ultrex was the first and still is the only fiberglass window or door to achieve a AAMA 624 verification; its finish has passed a range of strenuous tests. The coating can therefore last for decades. Ultrex windows can have a cladding of wood inside to make them look more like an old school wood window. This feature can add to a certain style of home while keeping all the inherent benefits of a fiberglass window.

Backed by Marvin Windows and Doors

Ultrex is a Marvin Windows and Doors innovation, and this company has been a mainstay and trusted brand for over a century; definitely a company worth knowing about as a homeowner and one AVI is proud to carry its products. Marvin denotes unequaled craftsmanship, design flexibility, and energy-efficient technology. Ultrex is just another product that meets Marvin Windows and Doors Standards.

Excellent Value

Combine the highly quality product that Ultrex is along with Marvin’s first quality service from handpicked expert retailers and installers, and a competitive price to boot, then homeowners have a window replacement option that is near impossible to beat.

AVI has got your Ultrex

For your next window replacement or addition, we here at AVI Windows and Doors are ready to give you all the ins and outs of this superb product from Marvin. The Marvin Elevate collection features an Ultrex fiberglass exterior with a warm wood interior that can be stained or painted.  The Marvin Essential Collection has strong, durable Ultrex fiberglass exteriors and interiors that are both beautiful and virtually maintenance free. Either online or in person, we are your one stop shop to view, purchase, and install awesome items like Ultrex windows.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at your earliest convenience either online, by phone, or at one of our Southeast locations today!

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