Protect Your Home with These Window Types

By: Architectural Visions

Windows provide and essential function in your home. While they must open and close easily, they must also seal out the harsh elements and ensure the security comfort of your family. Here are some features and window types to consider to help protect your home.
In high traffic areas, stairwells and bathrooms, tempered glass is a must. This is a special glass that’s been strengthened to withstand impact and resist breaking through a controlled heating process. Local building codes often specify tempered glass, and working with an experienced window retailer such as AVI will ensure you meet these codes.
Flimsy windows are an invitation for intruders. Quality windows with sturdy frames will protect your home. Marvin’s Ultimate Casement and Awning are two window types that feature multipoint locking. Not only does this offer added security, but the tight sealed formed by multipoint locking also ensures their energy efficiency.
One invisible intruder that can take a toll on your furnishing is UV light. Window treatments and upholstery can be protected by windows that are designed to block UV rays. Look for windows with Low E glass that include a special coating to block those harmful rays. Beside protecting your belongings, Low E will also improve the energy efficiency of your home.