The Benefits of Large Windows & Popular Large Window Styles for Homes

By: Architectural Visions

Household windows come in all shapes and sizes, but there is something to be said for having large windows in your home. There are various large window styles that can complement any style and décor and that are made by top window brands you can trust for quality, beauty and longevity.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of large windows and how to choose and install a large window that you’ll love.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because many home buyers are looking for natural light, installing large windows can often increase a home’s value on the real estate market.
  • Depending on the direction a large window faces, a large window can help with lighting and temperature control.
  • Large windows are available in many styles including awning, bay and bow, and double-hung.

Large Windows and Home Value

A reason why many people choose to install large windows in their homes is to increase a home’s value on the real estate market. Modern homebuyers look for lots of natural light, incredible views, and open spaces when they are shopping for a new place to live. By upgrading your windows before putting your home on the market, you may be able to attract more potential buyers and get more money for your investment.

Large Windows and Temperature Control

Depending on which direction a large window faces in your home, the window can help control temperature and lighting throughout the year. An east-facing large window will allow more warmth and sunlight inside in the mornings, which is ideal for the bedroom to help you naturally wake up and warm up. West-facing large windows allow rooms to be warmer and brighter in the late afternoon, which is a nice feature for relaxing sunrooms with casual seating areas.

You can install a large window that faces south for more overall warmth and light throughout the day in a room that you like to grow plants in, for example. North-facing large windows are often ideal for home offices to reduce the amount of light glare that interferes with computer work and to maintain a cool temperature that keeps you focused and productive throughout the day.

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Unique Benefits of Different Large Window Styles

There are various kinds of large window styles to choose from depending on the wall you have to work with, the size of your room and the type of room the window is going into. Single-hung large windows have a bottom panel that moves up and down while the upper part stays stationary. In contrast, double-hung windows have upper and lower parts that can move and may even tilt inwards.

You can install a large arch window to add character and extra light to a room, awning windows to allow for ventilation on rainy days and bay windows with a comfortable seat for relaxing and enjoying a good book. Other large window styles to choose from include bow windows for the front of the house, glass block windows to boost light flow and picture windows to really soak up the landscape views.

Benefits of Large Windows for Aesthetic Design

Regardless of the large window style you choose, remember that windows play a crucial role in tying a home’s design together and making rooms feel like home. Installing the wrong style of window can instantly transform a home from beautiful to an awkward space that needs some work. This is why it’s a smart idea to schedule a free in-home consultation with AVI to determine the best large windows for the spaces you have so that you don’t make a costly blunder that you regret later.

Your Local Source for Large Windows

At AVI, we do a lot more than just provide and install the best large windows to suit your unique home. We also help educate homeowners about the various window types available, comparing materials, comfort, and energy efficiency concerns, and beauty and style tips to help you make an informed choice. Please download our window replacement guide on our website to learn more and get the insider knowledge you need to take the next steps for a future home renovation.

We offer approximately 10,000 window shapes and sizes in seven wood varieties and 19 exterior colors, so there are plenty of large window options to choose from when you work with us. Better yet, we offer a 10-year warranty on our window installation that is in addition to our manufacturers’ warranties. You deserve first-rate service, a worry-free experience and the very best windows for your home, and it all begins with our hassle-free, no-pressure consultation.

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