The Steps Every Homeowner Should Take to Prepare for Winter

By: Architectural Visions

As you stay warm and cozy indoors, the exterior of your home is subject to harsh weather conditions. Taking the necessary steps for preparing your home for winter can save you the hassles, headaches and costs associated with neglecting home prep for winter. Use this guide to prep your home for winter and lessen or prevent any potential winter damage.

Key takeaways:

  • Keeping the gutters clear in the winter will help prevent breakage and water damage.
  • Recaulking the doors and windows will help prevent heat loss and water damage.
  • A roof inspection can repair any damaged shingles, resulting in major cost savings down the road.
  • An annual winter chimney cleaning can help reduce the risk of house fires.
  • Cutting back tree branches can help protect against snow and ice-coated branches damaging the house

Clean the gutters

While the gutters should be cleaned seasonally, keeping them clear leading up to winter is the most critical time to do so. If you live in a region that sees heavy snowfall, this weight will compound on the existing debris in the gutters. This could result in the gutters being pulled from the house. Also, as the snow and ice in the gutters melt, the overflow can cause water damage to the home if it doesn’t have somewhere to drain.

Recaulk the doors and windows 

Annually caulking the doors and windows will prevent heat loss during the colder months, as well as water damage. Using exterior silicone caulk, caulk the outside of the door and window moulding.

Schedule a roof inspection

Have a roof inspector inspect the roof to look for loose or damaged shingles. Any damage should be able to be repaired that day. Neglecting to make the repairs could become a costly project if you wait all winter. Winter storms can result in extensive roof damage, so giving your roof extra protection can help it stand up to the worst storms and the dreaded packed snow.

Have the chimney inspected

The fireplace and chimney should be cleaned and inspected every fall or winter. In wood-burning fireplaces, the build-up can be highly flammable and damaging to your health. In addition, many home fires result from a chimney that wasn’t maintained, so regular chimney inspections will help keep your home and family safe.

Cut the tree branches

Heavy winter snow and ice can put extra pressure on the tree branches. If you have trees on your property that hang close to your home, these branches could break under the stress of snow and ice and cause damage to the house. Cutting back the branches will help reduce this risk.

Check the heating systems

Have a furnace technician come to clean and tune-up your furnace so it runs more efficiently. Also, change the batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Once the batteries are changed, perform a test to have peace of mind that they are correctly working.

As you decorate your home’s interior for winter, don’t forget to prepare your home for winter on the outside, so you don’t wind up with any unpleasant weather-related surprises that could have been prevented.

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