Why You Should Consider Tilt and Turn Windows for Your Home

By: Architectural Visions

Traditional windows slide up and down to let the fresh air in, but there are also other styles of windows that you might prefer and that will add something special to your home. For example, tilt and turn windows are a European-style window that is gaining popularity in the U.S. and is also practically functional and uniquely stylish.

Here is an overview of what tilt and turn windows are and their benefits so you can decide if this is a window style to implement in your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Tilt and Turn windows have hinges that allow the window to swing inward or tilt with the top open
  • AVI Windows & Doors offers tilt and turn window installation by expert installers
  • Tilt and turn windows provide optimal ventilation in areas of limited space and are easily adjustable
  • With multiple locking points and hinges preventing forced openings, tilt and turn windows offer a heightened level of security

What Is a Tilt and Turn Window?

If you haven’t upgraded your home’s windows in a long time, you might be wondering exactly what a tilt and turn window is. These windows have been popular in Europe for several decades, but they have been catching on more in America just in recent years. Tilt and turn windows swing inward like a door or tilt with the top open. Conveniently, you use just a single handle to control both useful operations, and they are available in different sizes – often heights up to six feet and widths up to four feet.

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Tilt Turn windows

How Do Tilt and Turn Windows Work?

Since tilt and turn windows use just a single handle, their operation remains simple and straightforward for homeowners who are new to this window style. If you turn the handle 90 degrees, you can open the window fully inward. If you turn the handle 180 degrees, it will tilt open from the top so you can use that option instead. These types of windows are masterfully engineered with hinges that work well for both orientations and mechanical components that can engage and disengage by twisting the handle different degrees.

How Are Tilt and Turn Windows Installed?

There are a lot of parts of tilt and turn windows to get familiar with if you plan to install one yourself, such as the head, jambs, transoms, sill, and mullions of the frame. The sash is the part of the window that moves and includes the left and right stiles and top and bottom rails. You’ll also need a good toolkit and handyman knowledge to install tilt and turn windows, with the list of necessary tools including a power drill, foam insulation, soft rubber hammer, and caulking gun.

To take the burden of installation off of you and let you simply relax and enjoy your new purchase, AVI Windows & Doors offers tilt and turn window installation services by our team of expert installers. Our installations come with a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects, workmanship, and materials. But if you choose to self-install or hire an outside contractor, we can still offer you our very helpful Quality Assurance Program that includes pre-installation training and a professional assessment of the work before you close the walls.

Ventilation with Tilt and Turn Windows

One of the main reasons why homeowners choose tilt and turn replacement windows is because this window style allows for better ventilation and enhanced ventilation where there is limited space. With these windows, you can let hot air move through the top of the window and prevent strong breezes from moving through the window with tilt operation. Then with turn operation, you can get maximum ventilation on days when you really want to let the outside breeze in.

These are great options for controlling the amount of ventilation you want in your home based upon the weather, if you’re cooking, and scents you might want to keep either inside or outside. In fact, many homeowners have found that these windows provide noticeably better ventilation than traditional windows and are well worth the investment.

Benefits of Tilt and Turn Windows

There are many benefits to installing tilt and turn windows, including their ability to cool down a home. You can enjoy the natural benefits of fresh air without having to turn on your air conditioner, thereby helping you save money on your energy bills.

Tilt and turn windows are easy to operate and really give you options with how much air you want to let inside your home. Compared to single- and double-hung windows, these windows are very adjustable and ideal for small spaces that need good ventilation, such as bathrooms. They are also easy to clean, which is good to know for ongoing maintenance purposes.

These windows have a unique aesthetic design that looks beautiful in any type of home. You’ll enjoy an open-feeling of space with large, unobstructed views when you have tilt and turn windows, as well as a clean and classic design that’s versatile with a wide range of home styles. You can enjoy larger window sizes with tilt and turn replacement windows, which means better views into the outdoors all year long.

They are also useful for providing an additional access point, which is good to know if you are planning a remodeling project where you’ll need an egress option. In case of a fire, a tilt and turn window can serve as a fire escape so you can quickly get to safety.

Tilt and turn windows can help you maintain a sense of safety from the external elements of nature and unwanted intruders. These windows have multiple locking points and robust hardware, as well as hinges that secure the windows from being forced open. You can still get the ventilation you want alongside this heightened level of security due to the windows’ inward tilt. These windows are very popular among families with small children because they reduce the risk of a child getting a finger closed in the window.

Where to Find Tilt and Turn Replacement Windows Near You

At AVI Windows & Doors, we can introduce you to beautiful tilt and turn windows with different designs and color finishes. We have seven showrooms throughout the Southeast in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee that you can visit and see these types of windows first-hand. We offer a fully interactive showroom experience with windows displayed in home-like settings so you can really get a sense of how they would look in your own home. When you visit, you can also take advantage of our years of experience and design services to choose the right tilt and turn replacement windows for your space and feel confident with a knowledgeable partner throughout the entire decision-making process.

AVI offers top-of-the-line products from the very best brands, including Marvin and Western Window Systems. We also offer inspiration for your next projects, window installation services, and a quality assurance program if you choose to install the windows yourself or hire an outside contractor.

Contact us with any questions you have about tilt and turn replacement windows and we’ll be happy to help. We offer free consultations throughout our service areas at one of the following locations:

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