Your Guide to Double Hung Windows

By: Architectural Visions

One of the most common and popular types of windows in Southeastern homes is the double hung window, which is why these windows are worth learning more about. Many homeowners and contractors come to AVI Windows & Doors to get the most high-quality double hung windows available and for expert advice about how to incorporate these windows into a home.

Here is an overview of double hung windows, including their benefits and the little features that makes these windows unique and stunning in a room.


How a Double Hung Window Works  

Double hung windows are easy to operate and among the most functional and practical windows that money can buy. They have a bottom sash that can slide up and a top sash that can slide down. This gives you two different options when you’re looking for more air flow in your home. It is also possible to open both sashes at the same time to allow warm air to flow out of the top portion while letting cooler air come in through the bottom portion.


Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are a great choice for many rooms because they tilt in for easy cleaning. They also have opening control devices that limit how much the window can open, which is a great safety feature if you have kids in the house.

Double hung windows are sturdy and durable enough to withstand high winds and all types of weather. You’ll find double hung windows to be one of the most affordable types of windows, which is good to know if you’re building a new house or doing a big renovation project on your current home.


Double Hung Window vs. Single Hung Window

A single hung window differs from a double hung window because it only has a bottom sash that can be opened. In contrast, a double hung window has both a top and a bottom sash that are openable. Because of this reduced functionality, single hung windows are often less expensive than double hung windows. They have a traditional look and give your home a touch of refreshing simplicity.

Aside from single hung windows, there are also cottage windows, which are double hung with a small sash on top and a large sash on bottom. Meanwhile, oversized double hung windows can reach sizes up to five feet wide and 10 feet high for big views out into the world.


Home Styles for Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows look great on traditional and contemporary-style homes. You’ll often see American Farmhouse homes that have tall and narrow double hung windows. Craftsman and bungalow homes often feature double hung windows alongside casement windows.

You can easily have double hung windows on Colonial style houses and Cape Cod style houses too. This is because double hung windows are very versatile and have been used for many years, even as architectural design trends have changed.


Window and Door Pairing Ideas

Mixing and matching styles is easy when you have double hung windows in your home. Double hung windows look great in the same room as a large picture window or on the opposite wall from casement windows. These window combinations work well because of the different functionality and features for allowing in maximum light and ventilation.

Also, these types of windows offer excellent curb appeal on the front of a home and commonly flank a front door. We love pairing double hung windows with sliding glass doors and French patio doors in a room at the back of a house because of the similarities in these styles and their easy access to the outside world.


Materials and Extra Features for Double Hung Windows

When you choose double hung windows for your house, you have a few different options available to make them more personalized to suit your needs. There are various hardware options for the latch hardware, colors, and finishes. You can also pick interior and exterior colors to match your home’s style and existing color scheme.

Common materials used in double hung windows include wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. With this type of window, you can also give your window a unique look with authentic divided lites, simulated divided lites, or grilles between the glass. When you shop at AVI Windows & Doors, you can also choose between dual pane, triple pane, and Low-E coating glass for your double hung windows.


Where to Find the Best Double Hung Windows

AVI has a wide selection of double hung windows at all of our locations in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about the brands of double hung windows that we have to offer.