Transforming Your Home with Custom Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Whether you’re building a new home or you’re remodeling your existing home, custom windows can dramatically impact the home’s aesthetic and function. Selecting custom windows will affect both the style of the home and the windows’ performance for the next several decades. Read on to learn ways to customize your windows, the benefits of custom windows, how to accentuate your windows, and more.

Ways to customize your windows

Various window types create a home with interest, architectural detail, and varying degrees of light. Below are different ways to customize your windows to give your home’s aesthetic a significant refresh.


In rooms where you want more natural light, selecting larger window sizes will brighten up the space. Adding sidelights and transoms to your doors will also help maximize the amount of light you’re bringing into the area. For example, increasing the surface area of your windows can transform a dark family room into a bright, airy space, or adding sidelights to your front door can flood your entryway with natural light, creating a cheerful way to greet guests.

Grille patterns

Window grille patterns can complement the home’s architectural accuracy. For example, traditional houses, like a Colonial style, often have a busier grill pattern, whereas a mid-century modern home usually has more oversized windows with no grilles. In addition to the number of grilles on a window, you can also make different grille patterns, change the color of the grilles, place grilles between glass, and adjust the width of the grille.


The color of the windows can have a dramatic impact on the home’s aesthetic. White and black are often the most common colors, but most windows can come in a wide variety of colors. You can coordinate the window color to your home’s existing color palette, factoring in your exterior and interior window trim.


Changing the window can significantly transform your home’s aesthetic. For example, changing a row of windows to a bay window will give the appearance of a larger room. Or, changing a double-hung window to a casement window can better control the airflow. Also, changing a sliding door to French doors can give a more dramatic look.


Your lifestyle can also impact the style of windows, based on how you will use the window functionally. If you’re someone who wants to keep the windows open, casement windows will allow the breeze to come in easily. If your outdoor space is a high-traffic area, a sliding window is usually the best option.

Benefits of custom windows

Custom windows offer many benefits in addition to improving the aesthetic. There are many reasons to replace your older windows with custom options. Older windows can be less functional, less energy-efficient, and drafty. New custom windows can also provide different functionality, let you select a different frame material, or come in a different size or color. Below are some of the top benefits of custom windows.

Natural light

Custom windows allow more natural light into a room due to the potentially larger window size. Natural light not only illuminates the space better than artificial light, but it also provides health benefits, such as being a mood booster and improving your sleep quality. For example, a living room is a space where custom windows can transform the room simply by allowing the natural light to shine through.

Focal point

A custom window can also serve as a room’s focal point. For example, an oversized bay window or a custom-shaped window can be the room’s centerpiece. A custom-shaped window can come in various shapes and sizes to match your home’s style and architecture.

Improve curb appeal

New windows have a significant impact on a home’s exterior and curb appeal, especially since most homes have the majority of windows on the front of the house. Custom windows can create an unforgettable first impression that completely changes the home’s look by simply changing the size and shape of the windows. Also, if your home is in an area where many houses look the same, installing new custom windows can set your home apart.

Window accessories

In addition to the size and the shape of the window, there are many other ways you can elevate your windows to help them accentuate your home and stand out.

Window treatments

Whether you install curtains, shades, or shutters, window treatments accentuate the interior window and lend a more polished appearance. If you’re installing curtains, hang the curtain rod high and wide can give the illusion of even more oversized windows and higher ceilings.

Window boxes

Window boxes on the exterior windows incorporate nature into your home’s exterior and soften the overall exterior appearance. The window box contents can be updated by season, using bright flowers in the summer and evergreens in the winter.


Shutters are a design element that accentuate your windows and let you be creative with style and color. When selecting shutters, they should be large enough to appear as if they could cover the whole window if they closed.

While windows can sometimes be overlooked, they can dramatically impact a home’s interior and exterior aesthetic. Not only do they have the ability to change the look of a home, but they also affect the feel because of the increased natural light in a space.

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