Window Types To Create an Authentic Cottage Feel

By: Architectural Visions

Arcadia double hung windows  Certain words in the English language carry a connotation that immediately evokes a feeling. Undoubtedly, “cottage” is one of those words. Anyone who hears it is transported immediately to their idea of a small, cozy dwelling. Indeed, cottage-style homes have been and continue to be a popular style choice for homeowners who want to capture that charming simplicity and warmth for their household. The windows you choose in your home will prove to be a vital component to give your home that desired feel.

Here at AVI, we have the expertise to help guide you through what elements can help create a cottage style home, and what types of windows help maintain this authentic cottage feel.

Key Takeaways

  • Cottage style homes have a long history, but today, the features that make them feel warm and cozy include exterior stucco walls, gable roofs, small porches, and bay windows.
  • Historically, double-hung windows have been considered the ultimate window for cottage style homes. 
  • Window types including French Casement windows and bay windows are becoming more popular in modern cottage style homes. 
  • Materials such as fiberglass and aluminum are considered some of the best for cottage style home windows.

What is a Cottage Style Home?

Cottage originates from Medieval English, a derivative of “cotter,” which is literally a person who lives in a small household on a landlord’s property in exchange for work. Eventually the word evolved to completely encapsulate the idea of a small house. Cottage style has been popular for hundreds of years across many countries and continents, from Scandinavia, to Russia, to China, and, of course, the United States.

In the States, cottage homes started out as small, practical, and affordable. They were typically easy to build with an asymmetrical design to allow for add-ons to the structure, such as extra rooms and attic space. As American taste matured, the cottage style evolved to include exterior elements such as stucco walls, gable roofs, balconies, small porches, and bay windows. Generally speaking, Cottage style houses stand around one and a half stories high.

Today, Cottage style houses in the United states have incorporated several modern features. They optimize floor plan design to allow the house to breathe while still conveying a sense of warmth and coziness. The footprint of a cottage style home is not overbearing, making it ideal for most properties and neighborhoods. Furthermore, the commitment to the historically basic design make cottage style homes highly functional.

Interior view of a home with double hung windows

What Window Styles Fit Best in a Cottage Style Home?

A double hung window has historically been considered the definitive cottage style window. This type of window has two sashes that slide up and down, with the lower pane being taller than the upper pane. Often the upper pane is decorated with a grille, which is a divided tile pattern.

However, French Casements are an increasingly popular choice of windows for Cottage style homes as well. These windows have two sashes that can swing both inward and outward, with or without a bar in the middle. These types of windows are a choice for creating an expansive view as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Modern Cottage style homes can also include a bay window, where the window space projects outward from the walls of the house forming a bay in the room. The house style’s simple design compliments this sort of addition well.

Shape and functionally of a window are integral creating a cottage style feel to them. Double hung and French casements both have simple shapes, an important aspect of the style. Additionally, their hardware is also highly functional as both types can be manipulated and moved in different positions. Screens, grid patterns, and fabrics can be added as well to create a more homely, warm feeling.

bay window from marvin windows and doors

What Should Your Cottage Style Windows Be Made of?

Fiberglass and aluminum are optimum choices for material to use in your Cottage style windows. Both materials are highly durable and hold up well to weather as well as wear and tear. Furthermore, both offer a variety of customization with shapes and finishes. Fiberglass does offer a bit better bang for your buck in terms of energy efficiency, however, as an aluminum window will need to be treated for the metal’s conductive properties.

Transforming Your Home into Cottage Style Household

A Cottage Style home by definition is simplistic with a basic design that is highly functional. Therefore, it is certainly possible to transform certain types of household styles into a cottage feel. Both Modern and Contemporary style share an inherit themes of minimalism and functionality, so it certainly possible to incorporate the elements of coziness and warmth into either. More ornate styles, such as Gothic, may be more difficult to renovate into a more cottage style.

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