Your Guide to Modern Windows

By: Architectural Visions

There are many unique styles of homes in our region, such as Art Deco, Colonial, Contemporary, Craftsman, French Country, Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, Traditional, Tudor, Victorian, and Modern. Style is exhibited in the various design elements of a home, but one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance a certain style is by upgrading your windows.

Here is a guide to modern windows to help you understand this particular style, relevant trends, and modern window considerations to keep in mind.

Key Takeaways

  • Modern design is typically described as minimalistic and clean with design elements from the 1950s and 1960s
  • Modern windows usually have simple and angular shapes and leave out any decorative embellishments
  • Awning windows, picture windows, and casement windows are considered modern windows
  • Typically, modern windows work best in modern and contemporary-style homes

What Is Meant By “Modern” Style in General?

With regard to home design, modern style often embraces the mid-century era of the 1950s and 1960s, but it can also feature trends that were popular anywhere between the 1920s Art Deco period to the vintage vibes of the 1970s. Modern design style often involves earth elements, such as wood, and also earthy colors, such as greens, browns, and blues. Modern style is naturally minimalistic, highlights clean architectural lines, and makes the most of open space in a room.

The terms “modern” and “contemporary” are often used interchangeably, but these are actually two distinct styles. The main difference between them is that “modern” refers to a very specific era in the 1900s, while “contemporary” is a more general term that focuses on the current trends of the day that are always changing.

What Characterizes Modern Windows?

Modern windows typically have simple and angular shapes that work well with many different colors and pieces of furniture. This style of window is minimalist and leaves out any over-the-top embellishments that are purely decorative. Other characteristics of modern windows are large panes of glass without obstructions to maximize visibility.

One subset of this style is Industrial Modern windows, which often have exposed wood or metal and are popular in urban homes. Miesian Modern is a home style that has floor-to-ceiling windows for dramatic effect, while International Modern has French/Swiss roots and prioritizes function over fashion in window style.

What Types of Windows Are Modern Windows?

Various types of windows can be modern windows, but the most common types are awning, picture, and casement windows. Of these two types, casement windows are the most modern because they allow in lots of natural light and clear lines of sight. While bay and bow windows are often features on ornate Victorian style homes, you can also give these types of windows a more modern look with a simple design and to increase the feeling of spaciousness in a room.

Modern Window Trends

One modern window trend involves maximizing the natural light in a room and drawing attention to details inside a room. You can try this trend in your home by eliminating window grilles or adding large scenic windows to allow the sunshine to flow in. Floor-to-ceiling windows are trending in the communities we serve as a way to bring more of the outdoors into a room.

Black window frames are trendy for modern window design, and the window hardware and trim you choose can make your windows look more modern too. A common type of black window frames are steel windows, which are ultra-durable and go well with many design elements.

What to Consider When Choosing Modern Windows

If modern style windows appeal to you, it is generally a good idea to be consistent with your windows, doors, furniture, and decorations. Modern windows typically work the best with modern and contemporary-style homes that have geometric angles, earthy colors, and expansive sightlines. They also work well with color palates that are either monochromatic or bold, but not a blend of both.

In terms of materials, metal, glass, stone, and natural wood go well with modern windows. Other considerations before choosing modern windows for your home are window shape, energy efficiency, the direction the window faces, and the cost of window options you have in mind. Overall, modern style is ideal for homeowners who enjoy sticking to a single design theme that is well-defined rather than one that follows whatever current trends are evolving and values form over function.

Where to Find Modern Windows

Whether you are renovating your entire home, replacing just a single window, or designing a new building, the experts at AVI in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee can help. We can assist you with choosing and installing modern windows from the top brands in the industry that are built to last a long time and will look great in your home. We offer free consultations with no commitment required and deliver professional advice online to the comfort of your home.

Call us today for Georgia and North Carolina projects at 678-297-1111 or for Tennessee projects at 615-712-6498 to discover the modern windows you’ve been dreaming of!

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