Why Marvin Windows are Perfect for Atlanta Style

By: Architectural Visions

With its mild winters, reasonable cost of living and plenty of outdoor spaces, such as the Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta has plenty of reasons that make the locals proud to call it home. There is plenty to admire as you gaze out your windows with charming historic neighborhoods throughout the city, such as Grant Park, Decatur and Inman Park. No matter the style of home you have, you can accentuate your exterior views by updating your windows. Marvin windows are used across the greater Atlanta area, and they are known for a wide variety of window sizes, shapes and styles. Find out below why Marvin windows are perfect for Atlanta style and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Key takeaways:

  • Marvin custom shape windows can seamlessly fit in any new or reconfigured space.
  • A Marvin picture window can facilitate an indoor-outdoor living feeling.
  • Marvin’s double hung or casement windows can make a tremendous visual impact on historical homes.
  • Marvin’s energy-efficient windows can save on air conditioning costs during the scorching Atlanta summers.
  • A Marvin bay or bow window offers an extra layer of character, a custom look and the perception of more living space.

Atlanta Home Style Trends

Below are several of the leading home style trends in Atlanta homes and why Marvin windows are a great fit.

More private spaces

Throughout Atlanta, open-concept spaces are giving way to rooms with more privacy, as families spend more time at home. There is a greater demand for private work spaces, learning areas, play rooms and living space. As a result, walls with doors and windows are reappearing where they were previously knocked down. These private spaces may require custom-shaped windows.

Marvin custom shape windows:

  • Fit perfectly in a small or challenging space like a pantry.
  • Add character and personality.
  • Many different materials, styles, shapes and hardware to choose from.
  • Specially handcrafted with your exact project in mind.

Outdoor living spaces

Having an outdoor living area is a must during the mild Atlanta winters. Creating a living space outside results in an entirely new room without adding an extension. Floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding doors and picture windows bring more light into the home and create a sense of indoor-outdoor living. A picture window can act as a picture frame to the outdoor living space, making you feel like you’re outside when you’re in and vice versa.

Marvin picture windows:

  • Can be designed in any shape or size.
  • Multiple picture windows can be installed in the same wall and can extend width and height-wise as far as structural limitations will allow.

Updating historical architecture with new windows

Some of Atlanta’s beautiful historical districts date back to the Civil War. A relatively easy and impactful update you can make to an older home is updating the windows. New casement or double hung windows can make a significant visual impact and save energy.

marvin casement windows kitchen

Marvin casement windows

Marvin casement windows:

  • Are hinged on either side to open like a door (with the option to crank out or push out).
  • Are available in various shapes and styles.
  • Have multi-point locking system to securely lock the window at multiple points.
  • Have adequate ventilation for healthy airflow.
  • Minimize heat loss for excellent energy efficiency.

Marvin double hung windows:

  • Have hardware options in various styles and colors to complement your décor.
  • Come in different interior and exterior colors to match your style.
  • Have window opening control devices to limit how much the window can open safely.
  • Offer tilt in cleaning.

Embracing your home

Atlanta home inventory has been low, and prices have been rising. Limited stock can mean updating existing homes instead of moving. Making some exterior changes can help a house feel rejuvenated and new. For an exterior refresh, replacing the windows is an excellent first step.  A bay or bow window will offer an extra layer of character, a custom look and the perception of more living space.

bay and bow windows

Marvin bow windows

Marvin bay and bow windows:

  • Accentuate your interior view.
  • Create more interior space.
  • Give your home a more custom look.
  • Offer panoramic views to enjoy your yard and surroundings.

Windows to accommodate Atlanta’s climate

While Atlanta’s winters are mild, the area experiences scorching hot summers. Marvin’s energy efficient windows will help keep the air conditioning in and the heat out, reducing your utility bills and making your home more comfortable. In addition, all Marvin windows are made from high-quality, durable materials such as wood and fiberglass, which will safeguard your home from any forms of inclement weather you may experience in Atlanta elements.

Marvin energy efficient windows:

  • Save money on heating bills in the winter and air conditioning bills in the summer.
  • Will provide higher comfort levels when you’re at home by keeping you cooler during the hot summer months and warmer as the temperatures outside drop.
  • Reduce the outside glare, sun damage to your furniture and can increase your home’s resale value.
  • Will benefit the environment by reducing carbon footprints.

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