Window Privacy Ideas

By: Architectural Visions

Whether you are building a new home or remaining in your existing home, enhancing your home’s privacy may be top of mind. Improving your windows is an excellent first step to bring additional security, privacy and peace of mind. The window placement, window height and types of glass, among other ways, can all contribute to extra privacy in your home. Read on to learn more about window privacy ideas and how you can apply them to your own house.

Key takeaways for window privacy:

  • Applying a finish to your window can significantly impact its level of privacy. Window finishes are an excellent alternative to window treatments.
  • Window treatments provide privacy and are also an interior design element that can dramatically impact your home’s interior aesthetic.
  • Blinds and shutters provide privacy and allow light in, while curtains and shades add more of a decorative element.
  • Exterior window boxes and interior plants can provide the necessary coverage to DIY your window privacy. Hanging a piece of art over the window can give the same effect.
  • Windows positioned high on the house, such as skylights or specialty-shaped windows, can allow ample light to shine through without anyone to see in.

Window finishes

The type of finish applied to your window can significantly contribute to the level of privacy it can offer. Using window finishes to your windows are excellent in a space where you don’t want to apply a window treatment or you don’t want to deal with the dust and dirt window treatments can attract. Below outlines the various types of window finishes and how they can increase privacy in your home.

Textured glass

Textured glass windows ensure privacy, especially if you’re looking for bathroom window privacy ideas.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass windows also provide extra coverage in rooms that you don’t want visible from the outside. Frosted glass still lets light shine through while providing the coverage you need. Frosted glass can be accomplished by etching the glass, using a spray product, or covering it with contact paper. Depending on the coverage you wish to achieve, you can cover portions or the entire window.

Privacy screens

You can apply privacy screens to the exterior window to assist with privacy. The level of privacy varies by screen type.

Stained glass

Stained glass is charming, beautiful and allows you to look out while also providing privacy from the exterior. Stained glass can be transparent or in traditional colored patterns. It can also be as ornate or simple as you choose.

Window treatments

Window treatments provide privacy and are also an interior design element that can dramatically impact your home’s interior aesthetic. The following are ways to enhance your window’s privacy with the help of window treatments.


Blinds are an easy, low-maintenance way to cover your windows when you need privacy and open them when you crave natural light. Blinds can rise up and down. Depending on how much light you desire, you can also partially open and close them. If you have operable windows, blinds can make opening the windows easy. Being able to partially open blinds also allows for better airflow. Blinds are an excellent pick for a central living area. Blind styles include horizontal blinds and Venetian blinds in materials such as wood, faux wood, plastic or vinyl.


Window shades come in various materials and styles, making them a popular window treatment choice. Window shades can be a Roman shade, honeycomb shade, or roller shade. You can quickly and easily raise a window shade to result in instant privacy. Many window shades can be lowered and raised by a remote. This remote technoliogy makes selecting shades an excellent choice for a bedroom. Depending on the level of opaqueness, window shades typically provide high levels of privacy.


Shutters are a classic choice for window privacy. Whether they are solid-panel or have adjustable louvers, shutters provide privacy while still allowing light to shine through. As a result, shutters are excellent for a home office when you want to block out outside visual clutter but still want sunlight.


Curtains provide excellent coverage on their own and can also be layered over shades for additional privacy and as a decorative element. Because of the expansive selection of fabrics, curtains are great for a primary living space or a bedroom.

DIY window privacy ideas 

If you prefer the DIY route, there are several ways you can achieve more privacy using elements you already have. You can accomplish this through DIYing coverage from either the exterior or interior.

Plants are a great way to achieve window privacy. Hanging exterior window boxes and filling them with tall, flowering plants can cover most of the windows visible on street level. Also, lining the interior window with plants can provide the lighter coverage you may need.

Using artwork to enhance your window’s privacy is another way to DIY window coverage. Hanging a painting, poster, sign or drawing over the window provides coverage and can tie into your room’s overall design scheme.

Window placement

The window placement is an excellent way to achieve window privacy. This option is best for new builds, as you can select the window placement before the home is built. Installing windows that are high up, such as skylights, are the best choice for rooms where you need more privacy. For example, using skylights in a bathroom provides ample light while also providing maximum privacy.

Specialty window shapes can also provide additional coverage. Installing higher windows in specialty shapes will allow the light to shine through while being higher than street level.

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