3 Window Styles to Improve the Look of your Dining Room

By: Architectural Visions

The dining room may not be the most often used part of your home, but it’s where the most memorable gatherings take place. Entertain with flair by adding a stunning window to can take any dining room from bland to brilliant. Here are three window styles to consider:

Bay and Bow Windows
Bay windows are usually made up of three units, joined at 30, 45, 60 0r 90 degree angles. Bow windows combine multiple units in a gently curving shape. Either window is ideal for adding a large, dramatic window with architectural interest. They also create a large space in the room as they extend outside the existing walls.

Picture Windows
Offering virtually unlimited window styles and shapes, picture windows usually do not open, though leave it to Marvin Windows and Doors to offer a unique venting picture window that can add ventilation to your dream picture window. Consider round, square, round top, triangular, or polygon shapes. Or get creative by combining a picture window with double hungs or casements that open.

These windows crank or push open like a door to leave a completely unobstructed opening. A series of these windows can open up a room to the outdoors, while also adding some of the best energy efficiency performance of any window type.