Best Replacement Windows For Your Home: 4 Tips On How To Choose

By: Architectural Visions

Windows are an essential component to any home, and they help homeowners convey the style and atmosphere of their home. As with any home renovation, there are a range of factors to consider when choosing window replacements or choosing windows for a remodel in your home. Some important key factors to initially consider for window replacement/addition are the functionality of the window, the privacy you want the window to provide, the style you want to convey, the energy efficiency you want a window to sustain, as well as the climate in which your windows will be used. All these factors are linked together when thinking about which window will work for you.

Here at AVI, we’ve got the expertise and know how to help you understand, choose, and install new windows in your home. Here’s an initial guide to the factors you’ll want to think about for your next window replacement or window addition.


You’ll definitely want to consider the functionality of a window type when considering a replacement or additional window. Basically, what is it you need the window to do? Should it open to the outside or just provide a view or both? Should it open in or out or both, move side to side or up and down? How much light and air do you want it to let in and how much should conversely escape? Is it acting just as a window or also as a doorway or even a whole wall? AVI has a variety of window types that serve these possible different functions.

Double Hung

First of all, a double hung window is arguably the most popular window choice. Commonly found in traditional or contemporary homes, double hung windows are composed of a bottom sash that slides up and a top one that slides down, providing for maximum ventilation. If both sashes are opened, warm air can escape out the top while cooler air flows in through the bottom sash. A single hung is a similar design, where only the bottom sash can be opened.


Another popular AVI choice is a Glider window, also known as a sliding window. This design provides a modern, streamlined aesthetic for any home. This window type slides easily open on tracks, so no lifting is involved. These are very easy to use for added ventilation. Another benefit is that these are good for space saving whereas a swinging window might not be convenient or possible.


Also known as crank or hinged windows, casements are a popular window style intended to create expansive views while optimizing ventilation. The casement rests on a hinge on one side and swings inwards or outwards with either a cranking, pushing, or pulling of the window hardware. Our casement windows have many unique features, such as retractable screens and interior shades, and vary in sizes from 3.5 feet to 10 feet wide.

Awning Windows

Awning windows exemplify simplicity and high-quality performance. They’re hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom, making them ideal for hard-to-reach locations such as over sinks or kitchen counters. Awning windows are a great complement to casement windows or as a window style to be used on their own.


Windows are the portals in and out of our homes to the outside world, and how much privacy you want from the world will affect the type of window you choose.

Consider obscure glass such as frosted glass or textured glass for one of AVI’s glass walls that will provide privacy while still allowing natural light to enter a room. If you’re all about the view, consider one of our venting picture windows that permit a nice breeze as well an unobstructed view.

Architecture and Style

You’ll also want to consider the age and style of your home as windows are integral to creating the structure and aesthetic of a home. As mentioned previously, our double hung windows are perfect for a traditional style home. Cottage style homes can also benefit from a double hung window, and since these types of home are designed to take additions easily, consider one of our French casement or bay windows for a new construction. A modern or contemporary home needs to convey open space, so consider large expansive windows such as our hinged windows or even a glass wall.

Energy Efficiency

Another factor you want to consider is how well your windows can help you maintain energy efficiency. Wood is still one of the best insulators, keeping cold and heat from moving freely in and out your house. AVI definitely offers a variety of wood-based windows from which to choose. Fiberglass is certainly gaining notoriety for its energy efficiency, and here at AVI we have Ultrex fiberglass available, known for its extreme durability and strength. As previously stated, our window types such as double hung, casements, and gliders all work well to help with ventilation. Casement windows, however, do provide a bit more efficient sealing than double hung. Lastly, high efficiency glass is another important factor in keeping energy costs down. Here at AVI, we have several variations of Low E glass to help keep your electric bill low.


You’ll need to factor what type of climate the house is located in as well. If you’re living in an area with extreme weather, you’ll need to factor that into your window choice. For example, a glass wall may not be the best choice for an area where hail is common, especially if the glass is not tempered.

Here in the Southeast, we commonly face high humidity, heavy rain, strong winds, and scorching temperatures, so durability and energy efficiency are of the utmost importance. Luckily, AVI Windows and Doors offers high-performance windows in a variety of styles, so you don’t need to sacrifice style for quality.

Room Consideration

Lastly, think about the room you are putting the replacement window in or the room you’re adding and what types of windows best fit. As stated previously, a gliding window might work best for a kitchen area where you need ventilation but need to consider space as a factor as well.

AVI has got you covered

No matter the window considerations, AVI has got you with all the expertise and know-how that you will need to make your next window replacement or additions. Whether in person or online, we’re here to help you view, choose, and install the best windows for your next window project.

Please don’t hesitate to call, visit us online, or stop by one of our southeast locations today and let us help you choose the perfect windows for your home!