Your Guide to Modern Doors

By: Architectural Visions

Of all the styles of doors to choose from, many homeowners in our region choose modern doors because of their fresh look, beautiful design, and minimalist style. However, it is important to know what really constitutes a modern door and what types of homes and décor they work best with. Whether you’re interested in modern exterior doors, interior doors, entry doors, or sliding glass doors, here’s a guide to steer you in the right direction for your next home renovation.

Key Takeaways

  • Modern style is characterized by straight lines, minimalism, and sharp-angled geometry
  • Modern doors are typically made from metal and have straightforward and simple designs with bold colors
  • Red, yellow, and blue are common modern door colors
  • Front modern doors require more insulation and are thicker and heavier than interior doors
Bi-fold scenic doors opened into patio area

Marvin Bi-Fold Scenic Doors

What Is Modern Style?

Modern design can be difficult to define; however, there are certain themes that are prevalent with this style. Modern design celebrates the early and mid-1900s and emerged as a response to the ornate details and fashionable embellishments of the Renaissance and Victorian eras. The interior design component of modern style grew from an intellectual movement that influenced art, literature, music, and other aspects of daily life.

It is marked by straight and clean lines and celebrates the spirit of minimalism. Modern style rejects clutter, knick-knacks, and unnecessary décor that is not functional. Open floor plans, single repeating patterns, and sharp-angled geometry are other examples of modern style.

What Characterizes Modern Doors?

There are certain characteristics common with modern doors, such as the use of metal, especially chrome and stainless steel. Modern doors often come in bold colors, such as red or blue. They do not have ornate carvings but are rather very straightforward and simple.

But just because modern doors are practical doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful too. You can make the exterior or interior of your home look more elegant and polished with a streamlined modern door that adds a touch of class without being fussy.

Differences Between Modern Exterior Doors and Modern Interior Doors

Modern front doors and modern interior doors differ in more ways than just their location in a home. Each style of door uses different materials, for example. Interior doors are often made with just wood or fiberboard, while front doors have multiple materials to make them extra durable. Modern front doors have more insulation, they are thicker and heavier, and they sometimes have outward-facing decorative panels with a modern design. Modern front doors tend to have bolder colors than modern interior doors to make more of a statement on the exterior of a home. Meanwhile, modern interior doors tend to be more basic and simplified in their design to be ultra-functional without any frills or embellishments.

Trends with Modern Doors

Bold primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) are trending with modern doors as a way to make a statement and give a home a unique look. Modern front doors that let natural light into the house are also trending and feature glass side panels with unobstructed views. You can achieve a trendy look by installing a natural wood door on the front of your home and adding a mirrored glass side panel next to it so that you can see out but not compromise your privacy. Sliding patio doors and large scenic doors are popular choices for back patios as a way to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space and also let more light inside the home. Timeless trends for modern doors feature a combination of steel and glass that is simple in design, yet beautiful to look at and highly functional to use on a daily basis.

Modern Style Door Considerations

Before investing in a new modern door or set of several doors for your home, consider the existing style of your home and especially the types of windows you have. For a cohesive look, choose modern windows to go with your modern doors rather than blending styles in a visually confusing way.

Modern doors look great in homes that are decorated with a modern motif throughout, as well as contemporary homes, art deco homes, and industrial style homes. These doors are excellent additions to help a room look less busy, cluttered, or claustrophobic. However, they are not necessarily the best choice for country, rustic, or traditionally styled homes with themed furniture and décor.

Find Modern Doors Near You

Whether you’re looking for modern front doors, modern interior doors, or modern doors that lead out onto a back patio, AVI Windows and Doors has a wide selection of modern options to choose from. We stand behind our high-quality door brands and our door installation services to help you give your home a beautiful and refreshing modern look.

Stop by one of our convenient Southeast locations or contact us to coordinate a virtual online experience and get an estimated price for your project from the safety and comfort of your home. We look forward to showing you the stunning modern doors in our showrooms and helping you select the one that’s right for your home. We offer free consultations throughout our service areas at one of the following locations:

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