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Windows That Expose Your Bathroom To Light Without Exposing You

Windows offer up a practical and, depending on the size of the project, budget-friendly way to add attractiveness and extra light to your bathroom. See several window ideas that’ll expose your bathroom to light without exposing you. Are you ready to install new windows in your bathroom? Contact a pro today and get up to…

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Why It’s Time To Go Monochrome

When redesigning a room, the first question is, which color? Design a room with a monochromatic color palette to bring elegance and simplicity to your interiors. Why go monochrome? Monochrome creates harmony because it’s all really one base color. Using a monochromatic color palette unifies the room from the start. Also, sticking to one color…

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2017 Latest Design Trends

The new and diverse group of Marvin Architects Challenge-winning projects offer a personal take on the home and design trends the industry is buzzing about. The winners of the competition brought a fresh perspective on some of the most popular design trends in the industry today. See the 8 hot trends below… White is the…

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How to Feng Shui Your Home in 7 Steps

Feng shui is all about harnessing the positive flow of energy in our environment to live happier days in and out of your home. Follow these 7 steps to feng shui your home. Declutter your home Eliminate excess stuff to create balance in your space. Clutter overwhelms the energy of any room. Remove objects that…

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Marvin Invites Architects to Enter its 2017 Architects Challenge Design Competition

Marvin Invites Architects to Enter its 2017 Architects Challenge Design Competition.

Marvin Releases iPad App To Help Find Your Perfect Windows and Doors

If you’re in the midst of improving your home, you may have already discovered that your iPad is your best friend for organizing, visualizing, researching and recording your ideas. An exciting new app that can help you find the perfect windows and doors has been released by Marvin Windows and Doors. It was designed with…

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Idea House Renovation: What You’ll See During the Upcoming Tour

If you’re browsing through Atlanta events for something to do this summer, check out the Idea House Renovation, a project of Southern Living Magazine. As the first renovation in the history of Idea House projects, this charming 19th century farmhouse was moved to a new location and completely remade to glorious beauty. Idea House tours…

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Learn Why the 2012 Southern Living Idea House Renovation Used Marvin Windows and Doors

Check out this video: Marvin Windows & Southern Living- Idea House Project- Episode 4: Window Placement. For the 2012 Southern Living Idea House renovation, architect Historical Concepts chose Marvin windows because they wanted meticulous historical detailing with the advantages of a new window. Discover what successful architects know about this unique window brand. Marvin windows…

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Southern Style: Southern Living Magazine’s Idea House Featuring Marvin Windows

2012 Southern Living Idea House Atlantans have a front row seat to enjoy Southern Living Magazine’s 2012 Idea House. Breaking from tradition, this year’s project is a renovation of a charming farmhouse in Senoia, GA that’s getting pampered and polished into a southern dream home. Complete with wraparound porch surrounded by Marvin windows and accessible…

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Window Designs: Find just what you like

Marvin Windows Product Finder If you’re considering replacing your windows, you have a chance to make some changes. But where do you start to figure out if you want to keep your double hungs or casement windows or swap them for, say, a glider window or maybe even a sliding French door. The new Window…

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