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Why Marvin Windows And Doors Are Considered High Performance Products

Made with Energy Efficiency in Mind New windows can reduce your monthly energy bills as much as 15 to 25 percent according to the US Department of Energy, so choosing a high performing brand is key. Marvin windows and doors are an industry leader and trusted by some of the world’s finest architects and builders…

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The Best Kitchen Makeover Solution: Replacement Kitchen Windows

Looking for an interesting way to change the feel of an old, dark kitchen? Let in the light with replacement kitchen windows. A popular new trend is reducing the number of upper cabinets, opening up the floor plan and making the windows an important part of the décor to better connect the outdoors with the…

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Features of Marvin’s Double Hung Windows

Think all double hung windows are the same? Learn how Marvin’s double hungs embody 100 years of window-making excellence. From the start, Marvin makes their double hung windows to order according to careful measurements taken by their expert dealers, so windows fit the opening snuggly. Made-to-order windows also allow for design flexibility because you can…

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10 Tips To Ensure You Are Purchasing Quality Windows

With competing brands and varying claims, how can you be sure the company you are considering sells quality windows? Ask yourself if the company you are dealing with meets these criteria. Family-owned and operated company and/or national brand In the business 100 years Made to order just for you, not pulled from warehouses Made in…

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Newest Trending Window Styles For Your Home

Here’s a sampling of some new trends in home design and window styles. Freestyling It Seems like any architectural style that suits your personality is in style nowadays. According to Eric Drivdahl, an architect recently interviewed on the MLuxe blog, “I am seeing a larger trend in both the production and semi-custom markets towards a…

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Types Of Replacement Windows: Which Kind Do You Need?

When it’s time for replacement windows, you may be under the impression that you must replace what you currently have with the same types of windows, however, you have more choices at hand. Casement Windows If you want the ease of cranking open your replacement windows, think about casements. They swing open like a door,…

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How To Replace Windows: Should I Hire A Professional?

Although confident DIY-ers may think it’s easy to learn how to replace windows, there are many reasons to consider professional installation. Here’s just a sampling of reasons. Energy Efficiency: Even if you know how to replace windows, and you choose to install windows yourself, the options of what you’ll be working with are limited. Buying windows…

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Best Windows For Your Home: 4 More Tips On How To Choose

Looking for the best windows for your home? Here are four easy tips to guide you to the right choice. 1. Don’t buy on price alone Tempting as it may be to go for ads promising bargain prices or head over to the local big box store for the cheapest price, keep in mind that…

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Repair or Replace Windows: How To Know Which Option Is Best

There comes a point with everything, whether it’s a car or a home repair, where you have to choose between working with what you have or starting new. Here are some thoughts on deciding whether to repair or replace windows.

Window Replacement in Full Swing at the Idea House

Structural reinforcements, additions, and window replacements move ahead at the Southern Living Magazine Idea House. And in keeping with the painstaking attention to detail, the openings for all the windows are being raised or moved to the perfect spot, and each one replaced with a beautiful new Marvin window, built especially to match the historic…

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